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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E22: Raincoats and Recipes
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1. Michel is NOT pleased when Lorelai tells him he cannot do this.
skip the test run to go to a Celine Dion concert
fire all of his staff
bring his dogs to the test run
invite his mother to the test run
2. There is a slight problem with Sookie's kitchen staff - what?
they are all totally inept
she has hired too many people and doesn't know who to fire
none of them can decorate cakes
they are afraid of Michel
3. Everyone has been so busy getting the Dragonfly up and running that ________ has forgotten ___________.
Sookie; her wedding anniversary
Lorelai; her movie date with Luke
Michel; his dry cleaning
Lorelai; Emily's birthday
4. Lane can't believe that Rory waited 20 minutes to:
ask Lane how she is doing
talk about the inn's test run
mention Jess's surprise visit to Rory's dorm
ask to borrow some music
5. Lorelai expresses surprise at __________; Rory thinks Lorelai sounds surprised she still has her clothes on based on the way Lorelai said it.
how nice Luke looked dressed up
Luke's flirtatious nature towards her
how chivalrous Luke was during the wedding
the fact that Luke can waltz
6. What happens after Lorelai and Rory reenter the diner that confuses Rory?
Luke asks Rory about Lorelai's romantic status
Rory waves to Dean outside but he ignores her
Lorelai flirts shamelessly with Luke
Lindsay enters the diner looking for Dean but refuses to look at Rory
7. Emily surprises everyone at dinner by announcing:
she'd like to take Rory to Europe for the summer
she's quitting the DAR
she'd like to invest in the Dragonfly
she'd like Lorelai's help in adopting a dog
8. Lorelai tries to break the tension between Emily and Richard by:
inviting them to the inn's test run
announcing she's broken up with Jason
discussing something she saw on Oprah
cracking jokes in order to get one of them to smile
9. Why is Kirk nervous about spending the night at the inn with Lulu?
they haven't had sex yet
his snoring can be heard from 40 feet away
he has night terrors
he's afraid of ghosts and he thinks the Dragonfly is haunted
10. What does Kirk think is the worst part of night terrors?
he always winds up completely naked
he can never remember them happening
he always ends up screaming at his mother in Spanish
it results in him breaking into people's houses and sleeping on their couches
11. Who interrupts Dean and Rory's near-kiss?
Tom the contractor
12. A nervous Lorelai is a little discombobulated when Luke arrives with flowers for her, which results in her ________.
falling onto the floor
walking into a door
tripping over Luke's foot
13. What did Sookie get Jackson as an anniversary gift?
an mp3 player
a Creedence Clearwater Revival t-shirt
a framed picture of her and Davy
not a damn thing
14. Why is Luke looking down at his dinner plate, and nowhere else, during his meal?
Babette's bathrobe slipped open during dinner...
he's angry he didn't get to sit with Rory and Jackson
he only wants to look at Lorelai
he's trying to avoid extended conversations with Taylor
15. Jason shows up unexpectedly at the inn and refuses to leave until he and Lorelai work out their issues. Luke asks this person about Jason after he sees Lorelai and Jason speaking privately.
Miss Patty
16. During a fight with Emily, Lorelai:
gets confirmation that Emily and Richard have separated
asks why Emily and Richard seem to hate her success
slaps Emily
tells Emily she wishes she had different parents
17. Dean visits Rory back at the house. What was Rory doing at home?
getting some rest
looking for a camera
getting CDs to bring back to the inn
trying to get a hold of Emily and Richard
18. Luke finds Lorelai, and he's not all that happy - why?
he overheard Lorelai talking about her attraction to Jason
Jason had insinuated that he and Lorelai were still dating
he sees Lorelai making out with Jason
Lorelai's blowing him off so she can go to bed
19. Well, it finally happens, but not for long. Luke and Lorelai's kiss is interrupted by the appearance of:
By way of explanation.....
He's running down the stairs, naked, in the middle of a night terror.
20. Lorelai's suspicions are confirmed when she sees:
a condom wrapper in the trash can
Dean's socks laying on the floor
Rory's unmade bed
Rory's t-shirt on inside out

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