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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E21: Last Week Fights, This Week Tights
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1. Why is Kirk heckling Miss Patty in the town square?
she didn't pick him to be the dance captain for the maypole
she doesn't want him to help plan Liz's wedding
she insulted his singing ability
she asked his girlfriend Lulu to officiate the wedding ceremony instead of him
2. Jess is reading the self help book that Luke had given him. What did he have the book hidden in?
an X-Men comic
The Catcher in the Rye
Punk Planet magazine
3. Lorelai's phone call with Rory is cut short when Lorelai sees:
Michel making out with one of the hostesses
a horse standing in the dining room
Dean trying to listen in on their conversation
Taylor peeking in the back door
4. Tana introduces Rory to her boyfriend, but mentions it's an odd time to be meeting him. He lost a bet to Tana, and as a result, he:
is wearing makeup
is being forced to use pig Latin
has to use sign language
can only speak using cliches
5. Mrs. Kim raises the price of an antique item Lorelai's buying after:
Lorelai refuses to deliver Lane's mail to her
Lorelai admits that Lane will be moving in with her
Lorelai tells Mrs. Kim she is acting like a child because of her fight with Lane
Lorelai presses Mrs. Kim to speak to Lane
6. Who shows up at Lane's apartment with her mail and news that Mrs. Kim would like to visit?
Lane's aunt
Lane's father
a customer from the antiques store
7. Rory winds up with a blind date the night of her last final, thanks to this person's meddling.
8. There's going to be a small delay in the wedding ceremony. What causes the delay?
Liz ripped her wedding dress
Liz isn't sure she wants to get married after all
the best man (TJ's brother) lost the rings
the minister hasn't arrived yet
9. Liz keeps asking Lorelai something while Lorelai's fixing the torn wedding dress - what?
how Jess acted when he lived in Stars Hollow
whether Lorelai would like to get married someday
if being a single mother was worth it
if Liz is making a mistake by marrying TJ
10. Mrs. Kim runs out of Lane's new apartment mid-tour after discovering:
Lane's roommates are male
Lane's roommates are unemployed
Lane's sleeping with her boyfriend
there is no hot water in the apartment
11. Jess gets stuck sitting next to a man at the reception who shares stories about _______.
his four ex-wives
his time in prison
getting high while working as a teacher
his chronic eczema
12. Boy, TJ sure does love his tights. What does he prefer to call them instead?
Snug Slacks
Air Pants
By way of explanation.....
"the pants that breathe"
13. What happens after Lorelai tells Luke about seeing a self-help book in Jess's backpack?
he becomes angry that she's mocking it
he admits the book was originally his
he quotes a few lines from the book
he mocks it along with her
14. Rory calls Dean after her disastrous "date" ends - why?
she misses him
she has no cash on her for a cab and needs someone to pick her up
she needed a shoulder to cry on and knows he's good at listening
she is hoping Dean will intimidate her obnoxious date
15. What are Zach and Brian doing when Mrs. Kim reappears at the apartment?
watching porn
writing a letter to Mrs. Kim
playing a video game
washing the dishes
16. Lorelai jokes that she can't figure out which part of the night was her favorite. Which does she NOT mention?
Crazy Carrie making out with a whole lotta men
a choking man being given the Heimlich maneuver by the court jester
TJ throwing his tights instead of Liz's garter
Kirk reenacting his Safety Dance video maypole dance like he did in high school
17. A confident Luke asks Lorelai if she'd like to do this with him the next week.
see a movie
help him shop for new furniture
go to a concert
meet for lunch - or coffee
18. Luke's good night continues after he arrives home. What happens?
Lorelai is waiting for him to discuss her feelings for him
Liz and TJ thank him for helping cook the turkey legs for the reception
Jess shows his appreciation for everything Luke did for him and offers to pay him back
He receives word that Nicole has paid all of his divorce-related lawyer fees
19. Jess's surprise appearance at Yale puts an abrupt end to the conversation Dean and Rory were about to have. What were they discussing?
the state of Dean and Lindsay's marriage
Dean's attraction to Rory
Rory's feeling of loneliness
20. So, why IS Jess there?
he wants to apologize for running away after telling Rory he loved her the last time he was in town
he wants to ask Rory out
he wants Rory to leave school and run away with him
he needs a place to crash for the night

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