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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 2 Episode 09: Email Surveillance
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The Office: Email Surveillance

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1. When Michael sees the Sadiq, the IT tech guy, arriving in the parking lot, Michael fears that:
Sadiq is a terrorist
Sadiq is coming to fire him
Sadiq has been hired by the warehouse
Sadiq is an auditor
2. Michael's password is:
3. The staff finds out that Michael is reading their email because:
Michael lets it slip
They get an email from IT informing them
Michael entrusts the secret to Dwight, but Dwight lets it slip
Jan informs the staff by calling Pam
4. Who does Dwight secretly tell to delete any sensitive emails?
5. Because Dwight is a volunteer sheriff, he has access to the county medical records. He states that in the county there is a surprising number of:
People with mental illness
Cases of yellow spotted fever
Yeast infections
Venereal diseases
6. Reading the staff emails, Michael learns of a party to which he is not invited. Who is hosting the party?
7. Camera Guy alerts Pam to:
Meredith coming out of the mens' room
Jim pulling a prank on Dwight
The soda machine being refilled
Dwight eating a candy bar that Angela bought
8. Trying to feel out Jim about the party, Michael claims that he is busy that night, as he has to go to:
Improv class
A movie with Jan
The closing for his condo
A Battlestar Gallactica marathon
9. Michael claims the secret to improv class is:
Taking time to get into character
Having a 'gun'
Shocking the audience
Pretending that the other improv actors are naked (actually, only the chicks)
10. At the party, it's suggested that which relationship is on the rocks?
Jim & Katy
Jan & Michael
Pam & Roy
Dwight & Angela

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