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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S06E05: The Door
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He'd only like her better if she were Lord Flashheart.

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1. Sansa receives a message that someone wants to meet her in Mole's Town. Who is it?
Robin Arryn
Petyr Baelish (aka Littlefinger)
Ramsay Bolton
Rickon Stark
2. Littlefinger passes along an important tactical piece of information to Sansa. What is it?
Her uncle Brynden the Blackfish has retaken Riverrun
The Knights of the Vale have spies within Winterfell
Ramsay lost more men than anyone realizes in the battle against Stannis
Theon has returned to Winterfell to be with Ramsay
By way of explanation.....
She might not want Littlefinger's army, but it can't hurt to have her Uncle's.
3. A girl (formerly known as Arya) is assigned to assassinate a woman named Lady Crane. What is the woman's profession?
4. A girl (formerly known as Arya) attends a play to familiarize herself with Lady Crane, and the scene is all too familiar. Who does she see killed on stage?
Catelyn Stark
Joffrey Baratheon
Robb Stark
Robert Baratheon
5. Actually, a girl sees two people "killed" on stage. Who is the second?
Joffrey Baratheon
Ned Stark
Robb Stark
Tywin Lannister
6. Male naughty bits alert! One of the actors from the play is examining his, er, parts. Which character did he portray onstage?
Joffrey Baratheon
Ned Stark
Robert Baratheon
Tyrion Lannister
7. Bran makes a startling discovery while on one of his "journeys" with the three-eyed raven. What is it?
The Children of the Forest created the White Walkers
The Godswood is dying
Jojen Reed has been revived as a wight
There is an entire pack of direwolves beyond the Wall that are looking for Summer
By way of explanation.....
8. The Children of the Forest created the White Walkers because they needed to defend themselves from...
Stone Men
By way of explanation.....
Double yikes.
9. Euron Greyjoy has a plan. Along with building ships and sailing across the world, what does he hope to do as king of the Iron Islands?
Live forever
Marry Daenerys Targaryen
Take over Dragonstone Castle
Turn the islands into a democratic state
By way of explanation.....
Everyone in Westeros seems to have a thing for Khaleesi
10. While Euron is being drowned and crowned as king, what do Theon and Yara do?
Await their fate in a prison cell
Burn down the castle
Bury their own father (who Euron admits to having killed)
Take as many ships as they can and escape
By way of explanation.....
Good thing, too, because Euron immediately suggests that he and his subjects should murder his niece and nephew.
11. Daenerys gives Ser Jorah a command. What is it?
Find the cure for the greyscale that afflicts him.
Go to King's Landing and kill Tommen Baratheon.
Leave her and never return.
Locate Drogon.
12. Bran goes off on his own for a vision, where he sees wights and White Walkers. Alarmingly, they see Bran, too. What happens to Bran while there?
Bran kills one of the remaining White Walkers with dragon glass
Bran tells the White Walkers where the Children of the Forest are
Bran wargs into one of the wights to see what it's like
The Night King touches Bran and leaves a mark
13. All of the following die in this episode except...
By way of explanation.....
(Presumably, anyway.)
14. Who is responsible for Wylis becoming Hodor?
The Night King
By way of explanation.....
It's complicated timey wimey stuff, but Bran wargs into Hodor in the past, causing him to see his death in the future and become Hodor
15. After six and a half seasons of Game of Thrones, we learn what "Hodor" means. What is Hodor trying to say all this time?
Hello there.
Help the direwolf.
Hold the door.
Hodor. He just always meant Hodor. It will forever be a mystery.
By way of explanation.....

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