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How Well Do You Know: Moonrise Kingdom
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1. In the opening scene: The Yound Person's Guide to the Orchestra features samples from a theme written by British composer...
Arthur Sullivan
Benjamin Britten
Henry Purcell
Georg Frideric Hangel
2. What year does the film take place?
3. The narrator mentions to the audience about The Black Beacon Storm that will one day hit New Penzance Island. What type of weather phenomenon is it?
Indian Summer
4. Who is the Khaki Scout testing the motorcycle?
5. Where can you find Shakusky?
Fixing the Gents toilet
Building the treehouse
Cooking breakfast
6. Scout Master Ward finds Sam missing and decides to call Captain Sharp, who in term calls Mr. Billingsly, who has unfortunate news. Why is Sam not allowed back in his foster home?
He has found a new home for Sam.
It's best for the other foster children.
Sam abused one of the foster children.
Sam's real parents came back.
7. Right off the bat, you notice something unusual about Captain Sharp. What is it?
He's Bruce Willis.
He has hair shorter than everyone on the Island.
He has no other staff in his faculty.
He drives a car.
8. We see Sam and Suzy together in the meadow. He met her backstage in a production of Noye's Flude. Suzy played the Raven. How did she hurt her hand?
She hit it against the mirror.
She stabbed it with a fork.
One of her brothers smacked it with a broken vinyl.
Her teacher smacked her with a ruler.
9. Who in the Bishop Family is the first to notice that Suzy is missing?
Murray, sibling #1
Walt, the father
Lionel, sibling #2
Laura, the mother
10. Sam and Suzy begin their adventure through the Island and running away from their respected parents and guardians. Which of Suzy's belongings did she not bring?
A pamphlet for troubled children
Lionel's record player
Her comb
Library books
11. One of these books does NOT belong to Suzy. Well, none of them do but- you know what to do. Which library book does she not bring?
The Girl from Jupiter
The Light of Seven Matchsticks
Disappearance of the 6th Grade
Twenty-Seven Jogger Siblings
12. The film contains a montage of letters the Sam and Suzy wrote to each other. The following happen during this, EXCEPT:
Suzy picks out shards of glass from her mother's head.
Sam takes out the trash.
Suzy iron presses her school uniform.
Sam lights a dog house on fire while sleepwalking.
13. The narrator mentions that he used to be Sam's cartography teacher and that he was an excellent student. He mentions that Sam has taken a trail that leads to another side of the Island. What is the name of the trail?
Old Chickchaw Harvest Migration Trail
Ancient Port Geronimo Trail
Trail of Opal and Topaz Tears
Iroquois Agriculture Trial
14. They make it to Mile 3.25 Tidal Inlet. There, they go for a swim and pitch a camping tent near the shore. What does Sam give to Suzy as a gift?
A necklace made of dried kelp
A tiara made of Sam's badges
A bracelet made of shoelaces and gems
Earrings made of fishhooks and beetles
15. After The Bishop's take Suzy back home, Suzy gives a warning to her father. What does she warn him about?
How far her relationship will go.
Finding out about Laura's affair.
Getting pushed too far.
When she will explode.
16. In the most famous scene in the film, Suzy and Sam dance with each other to Le temps de l'amour and French kiss each other. In one of the most unorthodox moments in a children's film, what does Suzy allow Sam to do?
Touch her breasts
Sleep with her
Kneel down to marry her
Fanfiction writers go nuts!!
17. Which Wes Anderson cast member is not involved in the making of Moonrise Kingdom?
Jason Schwartzman
Owen Wilson
Larry Pine
Bill Murray
18. At Fort Lebanon, Commander Pierce has a whole bunch of fireworks inside his tent. They burst during the storm. What were the fireworks originally for?
Fourth of July, Duh.
Shipping to a salesman in California
The Regional Hullabaloo
Just a quirk that he has
19. Fill in the blanks: "The barometer reads ______ and dropping. Strong winds already at ______, the time is now _____."
25 in, 21 knots, 5:20 AM
28 in, 22 knots, 4:35 AM
31 in, 23 knots, 4:20 AM
29 in, 22 knots, 4:22 AM
20. Sam and Suzy have entered Fort Lebanon where they meet Cousin Ben. How much money is in the can?
21. Meanwhile, Captain Sharp and Scout Master Ward have reserved a place for Sam called Juvenile Refuge run by Social Services. What does she plan to do with him that Sharp and Ward don't approve of?
Enroll him in shock therapy
Erase the memory of his parents
Perform hypnosis on Sam
Lobotomize the Frontal lobe
22. At Fort Lebanon, Sam meets Roosevelt, who's at the hospital after he got stabbed near the abdomen by Suzy and has her binoculars. After Roosevelt insults him, Sam does this to him that blows his cover, what is it?
Smacks Roosevelt in the face repeatedly
Knocks off the crutch Roosevelt's laying on
Pokes Roosevelt in the wound
Just smashes the binoculars
23. Scout Master Ward has lost his job at Fort Lebanon during the storm. How did he lose his job?
Ward didn't dress appropriately for the weather.
Ward didn't bring his troop with him.
Ward forgot his neckerchief.
Ward forgot his Swiss Army knife.
24. Of the following characters, which one dies in the film?
Walt Bishop
Captain Sharp
Commander Pierce
25. The Black Beacon Storm has lead a huge impact on New Penzance Island. It has negative and positive affects on its agriculture and the town. The affects lead to the following except...
Destruction of St. Jack Wood arcade and casino
Disappearance of Mile 3.25 Tidal Inlet
Massive corn production
Demolition of Captain Sharp's office
26. Bonus Question: This film was dedicated to Juman Malouf. It has that label in the Criterion Collection, but not in the regular DVDs. Who is Juman Malouf?
Wes Anderson's partner
Costume sketcher
Illustrator of one of Suzy's books
All of the above

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