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How Well Do You Know: The World's End
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1. The main theme song for the film is "Loaded" by Primal Scream. The sound clip in the song is from a film. What is it?
Easy Rider
Wild Hogs
Rebel Without a Cause
The Wild Angels
2. The film begins with an introduction of Gary's friends: Oliver, Steven, Peter and Andy. Which one of the group has a crush on Oliver's sister, Sam?
3. The five best friends go to Newton Haven to go on The Golden Mile, going to twelve pubs and drinking twelve beers before reaching The World's End. Which pub name in not mentioned?
The Dragon's Lair
The Beehive
The Famous Cock
The Hole in the Wall
4. Twenty years later, where is Gary at now?
Married to Sam at a cottage.
In a flat with his roommate Andy.
Attending Al-Anon meetings in rehab.
Selling electronic appliances.
5. Name the jobs for Gary's friends Andy, Steven, Peter, Oliver, respectively
Real-estate agent, architect, Lawyer, car salesman
Lawyer, architect, real-estate agent, car salesman
Car salesman, real-estate agent, architect, lawyer
Lawyer, architect, car salesman, real-estate agent
6. Gary has every one of his old friends back at Newton Haven. Where and when does he plan on meeting them?
East Dulwich station; 4:00
High Wycombe station; 3:00
Ockley Station; 3:00
Rannoch Station; 4:00
7. Even though Gary showed up late in the station, at least he brought back "The Beast," a nickname for his:
Granada Mark II
Fiesta I
Zephor II
Taunus TC
8. During their drive to Newton Haven, a police officer arrives and talks to Gary. He does something to the officer that annoys Peter. What is it?
Mentioned Peter's bully to the officer.
Mentioned Peter's drug episode to the officer.
Gave away Peter's home address.
Stole Peter's money to bride the officer.
9. Gary and his friends reach The First Post. Andy orders something completely different, something that disappoints Gary. What did Andy order?
A glass of iced tea
A cup of coffee
A cup of apple juice
A glass of tap water
10. "Drink up-- Let's Boo-Boo." Where does that quote originate from? It was on Mr. Sheperd's wall when we were kids. You know, from that Shakespeare play.
The Taming of the Shrew
The Winter's Tale
As You Like It
11. Which pub is one that Gary got barred from?
The King's Head
The Famous Cock
The Trusty Servant
The Two-Headed Dog
12. One of the running gags in the film is a list of possible names for Steven's new band. Which band name is not mentioned?
Lintel Boy and the Pooftah Zombies
Gary King and the Enablers
Old Nutball and the Shifty Twins
Bermuda Rhombus and the Aqua Nazis
13. What is one of the key ingredients of The Marmalade Sandwich?
Erika Leekes
Tracy Benson
Becky Salt
All of the above
14. Gary King finds out that Newton Haven is taken over by robots. How do we know they're robots?
Their blood is blue.
They act strangely polite.
They contain selective memories.
All of the above
15. At the Two-Headed Dog, Gary and friends need to come up with better names than robots or blanks. Andy says that nothing suggested in the last three minutes has been a better name for robots who aren't robots, than what?
Achy Breaky Fauxbots
Smashy Smashy Egg Men
Squishy Squishy Cadbury People
Half-Boiled Killer Blue-bots
16. Of all the people in Gary's group, who has been attacked by Blanks.
Oliver and Peter
17. Conversely, who in Newton Haven was NOT attacked by Blanks?
Mr. Sheperd
Mad Basil
The Reverend Green
The police officer from earlier
18. At the Smokehouse, Gary's four remaining friends begin to grow suspicious and accuse each other of being Blanks. The Blanks leave no trace of scars or injuries on their bodies. What wasn't one of the injuries mentioned by Gary's friends?
Steven had his forehead scar removed due to surgery.
Gary had a metal plate in his arm where it left a scar.
Andy had his finger stabbed.
Peter had his leg run over by Gary's car.
19. Gary refuses to show his scar to any of his friends. How does he demonstrate that he's real?
By slitting his other arm.
By repeatedly banging his head against the pillar.
By turning on the smoke alarm and gaping his mouth.
By repeatedly kicking the bar counter.
20. Have you noticed that, in one of the previous questions, Peter became a Blank? When did that happen?
In The Mermaid seduced by The Marmalade Girls.
In the loo of The Trusty Servant.
In the woods beating up Shane Hawkins, his bully.
During the brawl at The Beehive.
21. Another running gag that appears in the Cornetto Trilogy is the arcade machine that makes a specific sound. Where does this joke happen, what pub?
The Hole in the Wall
The Famous Cock
The Two-Headed Dog
The King's Head
22. On the subject of Cornetto Trilogy, the main color of The World's End is green. What flavor is green associated with?
Citrus Lime
White Grape
23. What happens to the remains of the people who are attacked by the Blanks? Yeah, what happened to the empties? (I told you not to ask that!)
They're made into food.
They're made into mulch and soil.
They're made into rubbish.
They're kept in The Network's mothership.
24. England has been turned into an apocalyptic future where there's prejudice against the Blanks. Gary and his friends have gone their separate ways for the last time. Andy has never seen Gary after the destruction of Newton Haven. What happened to Gary since?
He has gone back to therapy.
He has gotten married to Sam.
He died during the apocalypse.
He gathered up four Blanks for another quest.

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