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How Well Do You Know: Lady and the Tramp
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Lady and the Tramp quiz

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1. The film opens on this holiday:
Fourth of July
2. When we first see the Tramp, he is:
In a park
In a junkyard
In a railyard
In a dogpound
3. Trusty doesn't recollect if he's ever mentioned his grandfather, named this, before:
Old Reliable
The General
4. Trusty is lacking this sense:
5. Lady's life begins to change when Darling becomes pregnant. Jim Dear refers to lady as "__________," and when Lady insists on her afternoon walk, Darling _____________.
Mangy mutt / calls the dogcatcher
Fleabag / sends her to the doghouse
That dog / swats her
Miserable mongrel / locks her in the basement
6. When she comes to babysit, Aunt Sarah brings with her pets of this type, which cause havoc for Lady:
7. Which of the below does not match the character to the correct type of dog:
Lady:Cocker spaniel
Jock:Scottish terrier
8. When Lady ends up in a muzzle, she and the Tramp enlist what type of animal in freeing Lady?
A human
A squirrel
A beaver
A snake
9. In the signature scene of the film, Lady and the Tramp share a bowl of spaghetti behind this Italian restaurant:
Mama Mia's
10. What type of animal, lurking in the yard, is a constant threat to Lady and figures in the climax of the movie?
11. This is the night, what a beautiful night, and we call it:
Buona sera
Molto romantico
Bella Notte
Amore allineare
12. As a nickname, Tramp calls Lady a variation of this bird:
13. Which of the four primary dogs in the film wound up in the pound?
14. The aforementioned dog was captured by the dog catcher after he/she engaged in what activity?
Digging through trash
Running around in the zoo
Chasing chickens
Barking at the moon
15. When Lady is chained to her doghouse, Jock and Trusty try to cheer her up by:
Running through the "Who's on First?" routine
Making shadow puppets against the doghouse wall
Bringing her a year's worth of bones
Proposing marriage
16. Trusty is rather seriously injured near the end of the film. How?
The dogcatcher's wagon falls on him
The rat bites both his legs
He is struck by lightning
He gets caught in a bear trap
17. The final scene of the film shows Lady and the Tramp with their puppies.
The puppies all look like Lady
The puppies all look like the Tramp
Three puppies look like Lady, one looks like the Tramp
Some puppies look like Lady, some look like Jock. Hey, wait a minute!!?!
18. What ultimately happens to the rat?
Lady kills it
Tramp kills it
Jim Dear kills it
It gets away
19. At the opening of the film, a quotation from Josh Billings appears on screen: "In the whole history of the world there is but one thing that money can not buy... to wit:"
Your heart's true desire
The wag of a dog's tail
The sight of a furry friend curled up by the fire
Companionship of man's best friend
20. Which influential singer provided the voice of Darling and various other characters?
Billie Holiday
Doris Day
Etta James
Peggy Lee

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