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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S06E03: Oathbreaker
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1. Let's start with something basic. After having watched the episode, it makes the most sense that the episode title, "Oathbreaker," refers to:
Arya Stark
Jon Snow
Sam Tarly
2. Hey, everyone, Jon's awake. The Red Woman asks Jon Snow what he saw when he was dead. He answers:
"Fire and ice"
"Answers I don't understand"
3. Jon reunites with those assembled at Castle Black. Tormund knows Jon is not the god others think him to be, because of the size of his pecker. Edd comments on Jon's:
Sense of humor
4. Meanwhile, Sam isn't quite enjoying the ocean voyage to Oldtown. In between upchucks, he has bad news for Gilly:
They must return to the Wall
The baby has a bad fever
He has been stricken with a disease
Gilly or the baby won't be allowed in the Citadel
5. The Three Eyed Raven gives good flashback. Bran witness his father fighting the fabled Sword of the Morning (catchy!). A descendant of which of Bran's acquaintances also has a part to play in the scene?
Robert Baratheon
Jojen Reed
Maester Luwin
6. Varys doesn't like torture. Why not?
It usually provides the wrong answers
It's too messy
It's bad for the soul
It makes enemies instead of winning friends
7. In exchange for her information, Varys arranges passage for the treacherous Vala and her son on a boat to:
8. Varys learns that the powers that be from three of the following cities fund the Sons of the Harpy. Which does Vala not name as part of the conspiracy?
9. Over in Kings Landing, Qyburn seeks to influence Varys's former flock of little birds by giving them:
10. At the Small Council meeting, who goes on and on about how mad Qyburn is, before having a "....he's standing right behind me, isn't he?" moment?
Kevan Lannister
Mace Tyrell
Lady Olenna
11. The Small Council meeting adjourns abruptly when:
Cersei dismiss them
Kevan Lannister quits the Council
The members get up and leave
Ser Robert Strong gets all smashy with Pycelle
12. The purpose of the Waif is to flip out and wail on Arya. When the Waif asks Arya about her family, the whacks the Stark girl when Arya mentions:
Her father
Her mother
Her sister
Her brothers
13. By the end of the episode, Arya's situation has improved dramatically. Arya's sight returns immediately after she:
Defeats the Waif
Drinks from the well
Tells Jaqen her name
Correctly mixes a potion
14. Young masters Ramsay and Karstark meet with a man from which house bearing gifts?
15. Mr. Turncoat Umber not only delivers Osha and Rickon, but also presents Ramsay with:
A banner from a defeated house
What appears to be a dragon egg
An animal head
Three young maidens
16. Back at the Wall, there's gonna be a reckoning. One of Jon's assassins makes this request with this last words:
That Jon leave Castle Black forever
That Jon repair one of the gates
That Jon write his mother
That Jon burn his body immediately
17. Jon kills the traitors:
With a swing of a sword
With the lighting of a fire
By firing an arrow
By issuing a command
18. As he leaves Castle Black, who does Jon Snow leave in charge?
Ser Davos

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