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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 2 Episode 08: Performance Review
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The Office: Performance Review

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1. In the opening, Dwight bounces on an inflatable "fitness orb." Jim:
Steals it
Buys himself one that is larger than Dwight's
Pops it with scissors
Kicks it off the roof of the building
2. Who does Michael first employ to decipher a voice mail message from Jan?
3. Which employee secures a glowing performance review through his/her insincere interpretation of Jan's voice mail message?
4. Through the episode, Jim builds up which misconception of Dwight's?
Dwight thinks he is going to get fired
Dwight thinks he is going to get a raise
Dwight thinks that Michael is going to get fired
Dwight thinks that it's Friday, when in fact it is only Thursday
5. Who states that she competed on the youth beauty pageant circuit, adding "I really enjoy being judged."
6. Michael asks the office staff to offer their ideas to improve the office:
In a Suggestion Box
To Toby
To Jan directly
Through the company web site
7. When he reads a question suggesting he has BO, Michael in turn accuses which other staff member of being rather smelly?
8. Michael reads what question that suggests he hasn't gone through the Suggestion Box for quite a long time?
How should the company prepare for Y2K?
What would happen if Michael were promoted to Regional Manager?
Why have we never had a temp working in this office?
Wouldn't you like to totally bone Jan? Signed, Todd Packer
9. What comment does Michael read that ends the Suggestion Box Meeting?
You have coffee breath
Don't sleep with your boss
Toby could run the office better than you
Ryan is so cute that he deserves a raise
10. The episode ends with:
Michael and Jan kissing at the elevator
Michael threatening to fire Stanley
Dwight arriving at the office past noon on Friday
Jan threatening to fire Michael

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