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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 2 Episode 07: The Client
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The Office Season 2: The Client

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1. The pre-credit clip concerns Michael's proclivity to get what article of clothing dry-cleaned?
His tube socks
His jeans
His undershirts
His hankerchiefs
2. The client referred to in the title of the episode represented:
The county
An airport
A school system
A greeting card company
3. Jan had originally scheduled the meeting with the client to take place at the Raddison. Michael took it upon himself to change the location to:
The warehouse
A strip club
A lounge at the airport
4. During the episode, Pam recounted her first date with Roy, which took place at a minor league hockey game. What was unusual about the ending of the date?
Roy threw up on her
Roy started making out with another girl he met at the game
Pam was in the bathroom when the game ended, and Roy left, forgetting about her
Roy proposed during the shoot-out
5. What SNL alum plays the client?
Jimmy Fallon
Tim Meadows
Darrell Hammond
Seth Meyers
6. At the beginning of the meeting with the client, Jan awkwardly discloses that:
She has cancer
She is seeing a therapist
She has divorced
She had to put her cat down
7. While Michael is out, Pam finds a screenplay in his office. The lead character is Michael Skarn, who is:
An FBI agent
An inventor
A US Postal employee
A cyborg
8. A typo in the screenplay reveals that:
Michael used a ghost-writer for the screenplay
The incompetent side-kick in the movie was based on Dwight
The love interest in the movie is based on Jan
The love interest in the movie is based on Ryan
9. Jim and Pam enjoy a dinner together:
On the roof of the office
At Chili's
In the conference room
In the parking lot
10. What transpires between Michael and Jan when the client leaves?
Jan threatens to fire Michael
Jan promotes Michael
They totally hook up
Jan tells Michael he is the reason she is getting a divorce

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