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How Well Do You Know: Empire Records
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Empire Records

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1. Why does Lucas say his life has reached its pinnacle?
He just got accepted to Harvard.
Joe is letting him close the store tonight.
He just met Rex Manning.
He won a game of craps.
2. How much does Lucas lose in Atlantic City?
$1 million
$25 thousand
He wins $18,000
3. Why is Joe dressed up when he opens the store?
The owner is showing the store to potential buyers.
He has to meet his ex-wife later.
No reason is given.
It's Rex Manning Day.
4. Employees answer the phone saying: "Empire Records, open til'..." when?
10 p.m.
5. Whose goal is it to have sex with Rex Manning?
6. What is the name of the show Rex Manning starred in?
Five of a Kind
The Family Way
High School Cool
Saved by the Bell
7. What franchise is Empire Records going to be changed into?
CDs N Stuff
Music Town
Sound Garden
8. How does the crew decide who chooses the first song of the day?
First person there
Throwing darts
Whoever draws the right color M&M
Rolling dice
9. Who gets to play the first song?
10. What does Deb leave in the sink?
A bra
Her hair
Nail clippings
11. What is the Music Town policy that Deb hates?
No revealing clothing
No visible tattoos
No playing your own music
No body piercing
12. What is the Music Town policy that Gina hates?
No revealing clothing
No visible tattoos
No playing your own music
No body piercing
13. What does Lucas tell Joe his money is doing?
Earning 2% interest
Making someone happy
Paying his rent
14. What school does Corey get accepted to?
15. A.J. decides he will tell Corey he loves her...
After lunch
At 12 noon
At 1:37
At 3:34
16. Where does Eddie work besides Empire Records?
A pizza place
A shoe store
A toilet store
17. What does A.J. do with Lucas's quarters?
Puts them in coin rolls
Go to the arcade
Flushes them down the toilet
Glues them to the floor
18. Eddie brings Mark a mix tape and what else?
19. What is special about the brownies, according to Eddie?
They're made of tofu
Double chocolate
Shaped like guitars
Lots of 'sugar'
20. What does the shoplifter say his name is?
Darth Vader
Warren Beatty
Michael Jackson
Sal Bando
21. What do they do to cheer up Deb?
Play her favorite song
Stage her funeral
Get Rex Manning's autograph
Get her a puppy
22. Store owner Mitch says he'd be a rich man if
The store was in a better mall
He had better employees
He managed Rex Manning
He sold toilets
23. They make the $9,000 back in all these ways except:
Selling buttons
Throwing a party and charging admission
Deb sells her scooter
Rex Manning plays live
24. How does A.J. sabotage Mark's CDs?
Glues them to the wall
Burns them
Cuts them in half
Scratches them
25. Which actor in Empire Records also appeared in Dazed and Confused?
Liv Tyler
Rory Cochrane
Anthony LaPaglia
Renee Zellweger

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