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How Well Do You Know: Chef
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1. Chef Carl Casper and his son Percy discuss this at the farmer's market over kettle corn.
the lack of nutrients in fast food
food bloggers
vegetarians and vegans
2. Carl introduces Percy to andouille sausage at the farmer's market, which leads Percy to suggest that ________.
Carl should cook a meal with sausage for the food blogger
they should buy a sandwich for Percy's mother (Carl's ex-wife)
Carl should become a food critic
they should visit New Orleans
3. Carl and restaurant owner Riva fight over this.
what food should be served to the food critic
whether sorbet should be added to the dessert menu
the font that's being used on the new menus
whether the restaurant should be closed for lunch
4. Carl is discouraged when he reads the poor review from the food critic, but is set off when the blogger mentions _______ in the review.
Carl's weight gain
Carl's failed marriage
Carl's reputation as a womanizer
5. Carl asks Percy for help in setting up an account on this site, after his co-workers both insinuate that something negative has been written about him online.
6. Carl's issue with food blogger Ramsey Michel becomes nationally known due to:
Martha Stewart mentioning it in an interview
Carl not realizing his inappropriate tweet was public, and not a private message as he thought
Carl's email being hacked
the food blogger placing an ad in Miami newspapers, advising patrons not to frequent any restaurant Carl is associated with
7. Carl's ex-wife Inez takes the opportunity to bring this up while taking to Carl.
the fact she believes Ramsey Michel was correct
their custody agreement and child support payments
her belief he should open a food truck
her desire for him to become a pastry chef
8. Food critic Ramsey Michel shows up at the restaurant at Carl's request, and isn't too pleased when he discovers:
Carl's put Ex-Lax in his food
he's being served the same menu as the previous night
the restaurant is overbooked and there's no room for him
he's being seated at the bar
By way of explanation.....
He it's unaware that Carl has walked out and is no longer employed by the restaurant
9. Carl realizes he's in a heap of trouble after he goes back into the restaurant to give Michel a piece of his mind about the poor review. Why?
Riva has him arrested
his rant was recorded by other patrons and put online
he gets into a fistfight with Michel and wins up knocked unconscious
he discovers too late that Michel has filed a restraining order against him
10. Inez's publicist thinks she's found the perfect opportunity for Carl, now that the cell phone videos have gone viral - what?
a job hosting America's Funniest Home Videos
a position managing a restaurant known for being rude to their customers
a gig hosting an open mic night at a local comedy club
a spot on Hell's Kitchen
11. Inez presents Carl with a business proposition while he's looking for another job in the culinary industry:
take care of Percy for her while they are in Miami on business
consider managing the Burger King her friend owns
move back into her house and become her personal chef
open a gym; she'd manage the place, and he would be the nutritionist
12. Carl has a meeting with Marvin, a man who gives him the food truck he'll need to start his new business. Who IS Marvin?
Inez's brother
Percy's biological father
Carl's college roommate
Inez's first ex-husband
13. After a long (and disgusting) day cleaning out the food truck, Carl gives this to Percy as a thank you for a job well done.
a name tag for when he works on the truck
Percy's own chef's knife
acknowledgement for a job well done
14. Carl's friend and former line cook Martin shows up in Miami to work on Carl's food truck. How does he get workers to move the heavy equipment into the food truck after Carl failed to get their help?
he offers the workers sandwiches and beer from the food truck if they help
he offers the workers a percentage of the truck's first-week profits
he mentions the possibility of getting them deported if they don't help
he threatens to tell their boss that they refuse to help
15. Martin surprises Carl by getting a new paint job and sound system for the truck. He uses Carl's nickname as the name of the food truck. What is it?
Hot Stuff
El Jefe
Friendly Ghost
16. In New Orleans, Carl and Percy bond over beignets, and walk back to the truck to discover a line around the block. Carl and Martin are happy when they discover the line of folks waiting for their food is thanks to:
a newspaper ad taken out by Inez's ex-husband Marvin
Percy's tweets and other social media posts
Ramsey Michel
Inez's publicist
17. A disappointed Percy is initially told that he won't be working on the truck once they arrive back home. What causes Carl to change his mind and offer Percy a part time after-school job on the food truck?
he watches Percy's 1-second video compilation
he looks at an invitation to Percy's middle school graduation
he looks through the pictures on his cell phone
he watches old home videos
18. Carl gets a surprise visitor while working on the truck - who?
former co-worker Tony
Ramsey Michel
19. So, what is Ramsey doing there?
he wants go into business with Carl
he wants to discuss the poor restaurant review with Carl
he wants to buy a sandwich, due to incredibly good word of mouth
he wants to ask why Carl decided to run a food truck
20. The movie ends with a glimpse into this event, being held at new restaurant El Jefe.
Carl's New Year's Eve staff party
Percy's birthday party
the restaurant's grand opening
Carl and Inez's wedding reception

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