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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 2 Episode 15: Boys and Girls
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The Office: Boys and Girls

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1. Who conducts the Women in the Workplace seminar?
A consultant
2. Dwight worries that if the women all stay in the conference room together too long, they will:
Plot to overthrow the office
Get on the same cycle, and wreck havoc on the plumbing
Grow less alluring
Become irresistable to Michael and his shoe fetish
3. Who warned Jim that Roy may try to beat him up?
4. In the warehouse, Michael finds a blow-up doll. Whose face is on the doll?
5. In five years, Meredith would like to be:
In a different job...namely, Jan's
A single mother
Five years sober (well, four and a half)
A man
6. Screwing around on a forklift, Michael
Gouges a large hole in the delivery truck
Runs over Darryl's ankle, breaking it
Knocks over two large shelving units
Destroys the office ping-pong table
7. Jan encourages Pam to:
Quit her job and find something better
Start dating Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration
Apply for a graphic design training class
Go down and spy on the men in the warehouse
8. Jan advises the women to dress for the job they aspire to have. Angela concludes that Jan aspires to be:
The CEO of the company
A whore
A manican
A shift supervisor at a pickle factory
9. Michael inadvertently stirs up what type of trouble in the warehouse?
The workers want to unionize
He gets the warehouse safety certification revoked
He gets Roy to admit that he doesn't want to marry Pam
Creed and Roy agree to switch jobs for the rest of the year
10. Pam jokes with Jim that the women have watched a video on:
The important of accessorizing
The difference between assertiveness and bitchiness
Our changing bodies
The dangers of streetwalking

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