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How Well Do You Know: Storm of the Century
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1. What is on the top of Linoge's cane?
A wolf head
A raven
A lion's head
A skull
2. Mike is called home by his wife, claiming there is a emergency with Pippa. What has happened to the girl?
Her foot is caught
She fell down the stairs
She cut her hand
Her head is stuck
3. Town manager Robbie has scary visions of his dead _____.
4. Besides being the town constable, what else does Mike do for a living?
Owns a grocery store
Owns a construction company
Owns a reel and bait store
Owns a auto repair shop
5. When Mike and Hatch enter the home where Linoge is, they notice right away something is out of sorts. What is the first magical event they witness?
A unplugged lamp on
A smashed radio working
A broken TV still working
A ball bouncing on its own
6. Mike has a major freak out because Linoge does what to his son Ralphie?
Gives him a hug
Pats his head
Calls him son
Kisses his nose
7. Linoge knows every single secret from everyone in town. What secret is the shop girl Kat hiding?
She's cheating on her boyfriend
She recently had a abortion
She's pregnant
She's stealing from the store
8. Mike attempt to beat Linoge out of pure frustration and anger. What won't Linoge give him?
His full name
His birth date
His wallet
His clothes
9. Linoge reveals the towns local fisherman Godsoe has been hiding what in warehouse?
Child pornography
Stolen merchandise
10. By chanting and putting people in a trance, Linoge is able to have two people in town both do what at the exact same time?
Attempt to beat someone up
Kill somebody
Run out into the street screaming
Kill themselves
11. Finish Linoge's favorite saying, "Give me what I want ______."
Or suffer the consequences
And I will let you live
And I will go away
Or all will perish
12. What secret of Mike's does Linoge reveal?
He once took a bribe
He cheated in college
He looks the other away, when it comes to town people's crimes
He cheated on his wife
13. Linoge reveals a secret about what Jack Carver did to another man. What is the secret?
He gave a man brain damage
He paralyzed a man
He killed a man
He blinded a man
14. Who does Linoge have Kat kill?
Her boyfriend Billy
Her mother Jennifer
Reverend Riggins
15. The townspeople reference another Stephen King book/movie, as a answer to what they should do about their Linoge problem. What book/movie is it?
Dolores Claiborne
Needful Things
16. What children's song does Linoge have the town's people sing over and over?
The Farmer in the Dell
Yankee Doodle Dandy
I'm a Little Teapot
Rain Rain Go Away
17. Linoge makes the cranky old lady kill herself in a bizarre manner. How does she do it?
Smothers herself with a pillow
Drinks laundry soap
Hits herself with a brick over and over
Drowns herself in a sink
18. All the townspeople are having the same dream about disappearing. Nobody but Mike sees what happens to them. Where happens to everyone in town, in Mike's dream?
They all sealed in a cave
They fall into a deep gorge
The walk into the ocean
They all hang themselves
19. During the snowstorm, everyone in town goes outside to watch something spectacular. What are they all looking at?
The lighthouse fall into the sea
All the fishing boats swept away to sea
The court house collapse
Large waves destroy the fire department
20. Angie Carver is the only one who returns after being kidnapped by Linoge. What is different about her when she returns?
She is covered in bruises
Her face is full of bloody scratches
She's blind
Her hair has turned white
21. All the children in town touch what they believe to be a _____, and fall into a deep coma.
22. Linoge hold a woman hostage by forcing her to hold what to her own head?
A lit candle
A gun
A butcher knife
A jar of acid
23. What was Linoge's reasoning for why he pick their small island town?
Island people are a tight knit community
The town is full of sinful people
Island people can keep a secret
Fate brought him there
24. Okay... finally, a answer to Linoge's riddle. "Give me what I want, and I will go away." What does Linoge want?
A human heart
A baby
A wife
A child
25. What does Linoge say he will do the other kids if one is not given to him?
Bury them alive
Drop them from the sky
Drown them in the sea
Burn them alive
26. Only one person opposes Linoge's request. Who is it?
Molly Anderson
Ursula Godsoe
Mike Anderson
Reverend Riggins
27. How do the parents decide which child Linoge takes with him?
Pick stones
Eeny meeny miny moe
Draw straws
Paper rock scissors
28. Which child get the unfortunate luck of being picked?
Pippa Hatch
Ralphie Anderson
Donny Beals
Buster Carver
29. When Mike sees Ralphie again as a teenager, what does Ralphie do back to him?
30. What city does Mike move to, and finds Ralphie in?
San Francisco
Santa Fe

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