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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 2 Episode 14: The Carpet
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The Office: The Carpet

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1. At the beginning of the episode, who is sitting at Pam's desk (as she is on vacation)?
2. Something very, very bad had happened to the carpet in:
Michael's office
The breakroom
The ladies' room
The conference room
3. While Michael takes over Jim's desk, Jim takes the desk next to:
Oscar and Angela
4. During the episode, who changes the befouled carpet?
Ryan and Kevin
Tody and Creed
Darryl and Roy
Meredith and Phyllis
5. Michael and Dwight go on a raid to trash which other section of the office?
Customer Relations
The warehouse
6. Micheal puts up $83 to the person in the office who:
Can makes him laugh the hardest
Looks like he/she is working the hardest
Sells the most during the day
Seems the most loyal
7. Since no one in the office will admit to soiling the carpet, Michael:
Sends them all home early
Revokes their lunch hour
Puts them in time-out
Refuses to pay them for the day
8. Feeling disrespected by his staff, Michael turns to his former boss, who is named:
Carlo Blanco
Ed Truck
Jim Sampson
Lucious McClane
9. So, who eventually fessed up to doing whatever it was to the carpet?
Todd Packer
10. In an act that will have repercussions for the future of the series, Jim takes the unusual step of:
Telling Michael he should pursue Jan
Advising Pam on her wedding preparations
Answering an email from a Dunder-Mifflin employee named Karen Filippelli
Playing matchmaker between Kelly and Ryan

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