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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 2 Episode 13: The Secret
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The Office: The Secret

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1. To what task did Michael set everyone during the episode?
Spring cleaning
Inventorying the warehouse
Cleaning out his car
2. Dwight spent most of the episode investigating the absence from work of which staff member?
3. To where does Michael take Jim for lunch?
Poor Richard's
Alfredo's Pizza Cafe
Pizza by Alfredo
4. Toby and Angela give Michael a hard time about:
His conduct in the office
Leaving Dwight in charge of the office while he was out
Expensing his lunch with Jim
Some insensitive comments made about Oscar
5. According to Dwight, there are three different ways to:
Lie to a woman
Let Michael know how much Dwight likes him
Harvest a beet
6. Michael's corporate credit was revoked because he spent $80 on:
Hair gel
Blow-up dolls
Accessories for his car
7. Dwight assigned Meredith a rather unsavory task. Where did she have to clean?
Behind the refrigerator in the break room
The mens' room
Michael's car
Behind the dumpster in the loading dock
8. Dwight: Listen, temp, I am conducting a little investigation, so I am no longer going to be able to head up spring cleaning. Do you think you can handle it?
Ryan: Yeah, I think I can handle it.
Dwight: Do you think, or do you know?
I know
I think
What are we talking about?
Leave me alone
9. Oscar wasn't actually sick. Dwight caught him coming home after he had spent the day:
Going to the movies and out to dinner
Skating and shopping
At a dog track
Trying out for a musical
10. Dwight cleverly determined that Oscar wasn't sick as he claimed, but remained oblivious to the fact that Oscar:
Was gay
Had also become a volunteer sheriff
Had a crush on Pam
Was working a second job

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