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How Well Do You Know: 2015-16 NFL Playoffs
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1. Stand up and flex if you can identify which of these divisions was the last one to be decided:
NFC North
AFC West
AFC North
NFC South
2. Speaking of divisions, kindly point out the one listed below that did not send a Wild Card team to the postseason:
AFC North
NFC West
AFC West
AFC East
3. This team barrels into the playoffs with the longest winning streak of any postseason-bound team:

4. On the other side of the coin, these two organizations back into the postseason on surprising losing streaks:
5. There's no place like home, where this playoff-bound team had a perfect 8-0 record this year:

6. Along with being perfect at home, Carolina had a unblemished 4-0 non-conference (i.e. an AFC team vs NFC teams) record. Which other team was undefeated in non-conference play?

7. Among division winners, the champs of these two divisions share the worst records, at 9-7:
NFC East and AFC South
NFC East and AFC North
NFC West and AFC North
NFC West and AFC South
8. Put on your football-geography thinkin' caps. This team's home field is the closest to where the Super Bowl will be played in February:

9. Add up the current seed number of last year's Super Bowl combatants, and you'll arrive at this number;
By way of explanation.....
New England is #2 in the AFC; Seattle in the NFC's 6th seed
10. Each of the following won their division this year. Good for them. Of the four, which was the only to repeat as division champ?

11. Now let's talk about league leaders. The ballyhooed defense of the Denver Broncos led the League in several statistical categories. Of the following, which did the Broncos not lead the NFL in?
Yards per game
Pass yards per game
Points per game
By way of explanation.....
Denver was 4th best at points per game (the Bengals were the best in this category); Denver tied for the lead league in sacks with the Patriots
12. The man who led the league in sacks this year plays for the:

13. Is the man who led the league in rushing yardage in the playoffs?
Why yes, he suits up for the NFL South champions
Sure, he is on an NFC Wild Card team
You bet, he plays for the NFC North champs
Nope, he's on a non-playoff team
14. This season's passing yardage leader:
Will be playing in the Wild Card round of the NFC playoffs
Will be playing in the Wild Card round of the AFC playoffs
Won't be playing until the divisional round of the AFC playoffs
Won't be playing in the playoffs
By way of explanation.....
Drew Brees' 4870 yards was good enough to lead the league, but wasn't good enough to get the Saints into the postseason
15. Of those with at least 100 pass attempts, the quarterback with the highest rating this season brought this team to the postseason:

16. Pick the team - OK, *please* pick the team - that was a rather miserable 3-5 on the road this year:
17. Usually strength in divisional play is key to fueling a playoff-worthy season, right? Not so much in the case of these two, which managed only a .500 record against their divisional opponents this year:
18. If you bought a ticket to see a Wild Card Weekend at this venue, then you've been scammed badly, as no football will be played there:
Paul Brown Stadium
FedEx Field
University of Phoenix Stadium
NRG Stadium
19. If you're like us, you know which of the following is the only one to have head coaching NFL playoff experience.
Mike Zimmer
Bruce Arians
Bill O'Brien
Jay Gruden
20. What's that? You want us to end on a hard note? OK, visualize: Of the 12 teams in the playoffs this year, how many earned postseason berths last year?
By way of explanation.....
Houston, KC, Minnesota and Washington are new to the playoffs this year; Denver, the Pats, Cincy, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Arizona, Green Bay and the Seahawks return from last year

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