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How Well Do You Know: 2016 Super Bowl Commercials
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1. If you try to date Kevin Hart's daughter, he will track you down in his bitchin' shark helicopter....courtesy of this auto brand's Car Finder:
2. Sweetheart, don't look at me like that, it's going to *amazing* Amazing or not, we can't quite get the image of this actor as Marilyn Monroe out of our heads, thanks to Snickers:
Jesse Eisenberg
William Petersen
Willem Dafoe
Kevin Bacon
3. A Rubik's cube, the white-and-gold dress that started a civil war, and this actor appear in an alien museum of oddities in an ad for avocados:
David Hasselhoff
Scott Baio
Clint Howard
Kirk Cameron
4. Some dude named Weezy, who looks an awful like the rapper Lil Wayne, shows up in the ad that is set to the theme song to this classic sitcom:
The Jeffersons
The Beverly Hillbillies
All in the Family
5. Taunt your in-utero baby with this foodstuff:
Rold Gold pretzels
6. David Bowie provides the soundtrack to Audi's ad, which shows an older man referred to by this title being reminded of more exciting days:
7. The unholy puppymonkeybaby was burned into your conscious and unconscious mind during the Super Bowl. Blame:
Burger King
EA Sports
Mountain Dew
Papa John's
8. Actor TJ Miller gets schooled by a tap pull emblazoned with this beer's logo:
Blue Moon
Coors Light
Shock Top
Samuel Adams
9. Finance your home through Rocket Mortgage, and you'll singlehandedly secure employment for operators of this tool:
Marble smoothers
Wooden lathes
Dice cutters
Mortar and pestles
10. The Bud Light Super Bowl ads notes that everybody loves this actor:
Owen Wilson
Rupert Grint
Zac Effron
Paul Rudd
11. If you could paid attention through all the explosions and spaceships and whatnots, you probably remember that the subtitle for the new Independence Day movie is:
12. Amazon's nifty internet appliance Echo points out that, to the disappointment of fellow actor Jason Schwartzman, this guy has zero Oscars to his credit:
Alec Baldwin
Bill Haxton
Bill Pullman
Jeff Goldblum
13. Many, many famous sports figures appear in Mini's Defy Labels Super Bowl ad. This famous sports figure is not among them:
Serena Williams
Abby Waumbach
Derek Jeter
Randy Johnson
14. As most Oscar winners inevitably do, Anthony Hopkins has stooped to hawking:
Diamonds from Zales
Clash of Clans
People Magazine
Turbo Tax
15. There is a revolution coming....Liam Neeson ominously prophesies - and that revolution seems distinctly Tron-flavored - in an ad for this electronics company:
16. When you think of the Super Bowl, you automatically think of Dame Helen Mirren - or, at least you do after her entertaining yet no-nonsense anti-drunk driving ad sponsored by this beer brand:
17. Next time you're out in a field and notice a pack of hot dogs frolicking through the grass, as they're want to do, you'll remember this brand:
KC Masterpiece
18. All it takes is a sound system in the back of your Honda pickup truck, and a flock of sheep will sing a righteous tune by this band:
The Beatles
The Jackson 5
The Who
19. Super Bowl babies sing along with this vocalist in a rather odd ad sponsored by the NFL:
Michael Bolton
Rick Astley
Richard Marx
20. Walken closets - more like *walk-in* closets, right? No, wait...we see what they did there - were the brainchild of a company selling:
Office furrniture
Fast food
Sporting goods

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