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How Well Do You Know: The Running Man
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1. This 1980s Schwarzenegger action flick is adapted from a novel by this well-known author:
Michael Crichton
Philip K. Dick
Stephen King
Dean Koontz
2. Ben Richards becomes a prisoner of the state for his unwillingness to fire on a riot taking place in this U.S. city:
Baltimore, Maryland
Reno, Nevada
Bakersfield, California
Golden, Colorado
3. The riot in question was characterized as:
A food riot
A sports riot
A gender equality riot
A clean water riot
4. Did you happen to recognize the classic rock star who plays Mic, the leader of the resistance?
Sure, it's Phil Collins
Of course, it's Glenn Fry
Why yes, it's Dennis DeYoung
Yep, it's Mick Fleetwood
5. Ben is able to escape the camp in which he is held after his group:
Tunnels under the camp walls
Deactivates a sonic security fence
Disables a security satellite
Hijacks an earth-moving vehicle
6. Ben Richards meets Amber Mendez in the apartment he believes belongs to __________, but who has actually been taken for re-education by the state:
His mother
His father
His wife
His brother
7. Amber meets Ben as she exercises along with a workout hosted by this Stalker:
Professor Subzero
Captain Freedom
8. Amber has this job for ICS, the network that broadcasts The Running Man:
Hair & makeup
Talent scout
9. Trying to escape with Amber, Ben is captured:
In an airport tarmac
In a marina
On an airport runway
In a train station
10. Ben agrees to go on The Running Man on the condition that:
His friends from prison, Weiss and Laughlin, won't have to
Amber won't have to
He will be guaranteed to survive the show and go free
He does not have to make a live confession
11. The intro segment for The Running Man features:
Highlights from the previous broadcast
Statistics about the number of lives "saved" by the show
A profile of the Stalker-of-the-Week
Dancing women
12. Damon Killian mentions at the beginning of the show these three previous "winners" of the show:
Whitman, Price and Haddad
Washington, Lowenstein and Escher
Sully, Baker and Kang
Carver, Mortimer and Darling
13. Audience member Edith Wiggins gets to choose the first Stalker! Who does Edit choose?
14. Subzero stalks Ben, Weiss and Laughlin on a part of the game zone that evokes this sport:
15. Subzero meets his maker thanks to:
A bomb
Barbed wire
A saw blade
A wall of spikes
16. Amber is captured as she:
Uncovers the video of Ben's arrest
Uncovers video of Ben's involvement in the massacre
Tries to help Ben escape
Tries to disable the network's ability to broadcast
17. Dynamo is apparently fond of this type of music:
Heavy Metal
18. When Dynamo is introduced, he illuminates a sign that reads:
Your Favorite Stalker Dynamo
Dynamo The One and Only
Dynamo America's Greatest Hero
Clap If You Love Dynamo
19. When Amber is put into the game, among the list of charges mentioned against her is:
Failing to pay her taxes
Having multiple sexual partners in a year
Failing to vote in mandatory elections
Purchasing birth control
20. Buzzsaw rides a:
Dune buggy
21. Ben distracts Dynamo from killing Amber by calling him:
Christmas Tree
Stop Light
EZ Bake Oven
Lite Brite
22. Sure that Richards is going to kill him, Dynamo screams:
I know you're innocent!
Go to commercial!
Send in the Marines!
I'm helpless!
23. During the halftime show, Damon Killian makes this off-air offer to Ben:
To let Ben, but not Amber, go free
To let Amber, but not Ben, go free
To let Ben, but not Amber, become a Stalker
To let Amber, but not Ben, become a Stalker
24. Fireball travels to the game floor by:
25. Who comes across the bodies of Whitman, Price and Haddad?
26. Ben uses this to ignite the explosion that kills Fireball:
A cigar
Sparks from electrical wires
A flare
A plugged-in television
27. Digital mapping leads the audience to believe that this person kills Amber and Ben:
Captain Freedom
Damon Killian
28. Dynamo is finally killed by water from:
A drinking fountain
A toilet
A fire sprinkler
A fire hose
29. When Ben confronts Killian on the studio floor, he uses this same phrase that Killian used to greet Ben earlier:
Blue eyes
Cutie pie
My darlin'
30. Damon Killian dies as the rocket-sled-thing he rides somehow explodes as it crashes into:
A brick wall
A billboard
Dynamo's body
A broadcast truck

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