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How Well Do You Know: Lethal Weapon 2
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1. In the opening scene, Riggs and Murtah are chasing suspects through Los Angeles streets, but Murtah is reluctant to go at top speed because:
He is just days away from retirement
He is about to run out of gas
His doctor has warned him about excessive adrenaline
He is driving his wife's new car
2. In one of the suspects' cars are gold coin....this type of South African currency:
3. The next morning, Riggs wins a bet that he can escape from:
A straight jacket
A jail cell
A hogtie
4. Murtah makes a mistake of mentioning that his daughter Rianne is going to appear in a commercial. This mistake is compounded by the fact that the commercial turns out to be fore:
Feminine hygiene products
5. Arjen Rudd has one of his underlings, who was nearly captured in the movie's opening chase, killed. Fortunately, that underling was standing:
At a construction site
Near a swimming pool
On a drop cloth
Next to an open elevator shaft
6. Trish Murtah finds an item of Martin's in the wash. What is the item, which reminds him of his wife's death?
An old penny
A pen
A rabbit's foot
A pocket knife
7. Mere moments after Riggs and Murtah meet Leo Getz, they have to stop an hit attempt from someone dressed as:
A maid
A waiter
A construction worker
A police officer
8. After the assassination attempt, who ends up in a swimming pool?
Leo and Riggs
Leo and Murtah
Leo, Riggs and Murtah
9. Leo Getz is in witness relocation because:
He developed a chemical to make drugs untraceable
He witnessed a murder
He laundered money
10. Leo doesn't know any of the names of the drug dealers he worked with, but he can remember that he met someone at a house with this distinctive feature:
It was shaped like a pyramid
It was on stilts
It was shaped like an egg
It is entirely underground
11. Riggs and Murtah chase the assassin, which ends up with the assassin being decapitated by:
A ladder
A surfboard
Barbed wire
A stump of a Christmas tree
12. When Martin first meets Rika van den Haas:
They bump heads
She tears his shirt
He steps on her foot
She accidentally tears open her blouse
13. Leo gives timeless advice: They f*#k you at:
Traffic court
The drive-through
The bank
14. Murtah survives a bomb he finds:
While sitting on the toilet
Investigating a noise in his basement
Under his car
Laying in bed
15. The toilet jettisoned from the exploding bathroom ends up:
Nearly crushing Leo
On Murtah's commanders's car
On Trish's station wagon
On Murtah's front lawn
16. Leo comes to the South African consulate:
Wanting to emigrate to South Africa
Because his friend wants to emigrate to South Africa
To rob the consulate
Posing as a journalist to interview Arjen Rudd
17. Paying an unannounced visit to Rudd's office, Martin destroys an impressive:
Video wall
18. Murtah hears a name - a name he cannot quite place, but which turns out to be the name of a boat. What is the name?
Leddy Van Camp
Alba Varden
Luda Krumf
Hilde Brundt
19. Martin runs into Rika in the grocery store, where he notices this unusual habbit:
She only buys red food
She only shops for one day at a time
She picks food with her eyes closed
She only buys single items for less than $1
20. As Martin and Rika are making love, most other members of Martin's squad are executed in the following ways, except:
Being gunned down leaving the station
Playing poker
21. Murtah is able to kill attackers in his house with this piece of construction equipment:
Nail gun
Rotary saw
Chain saw
22. Meanwhile, Martin and Rika's nice evening together is interrupted by an attack launched from:
Underneath his trailer
The roof of his trailer
23. Martin is taken by the South Africans, put in a straight jacket and pushed into the water, where he sees:
His dead wife
Members of his squad
24. What is used to topple the house-on-stilts?
Trish's station wagon
Roger's truck
A cement truck
An explosion
25. Riggs and Murtah are locked in a shipping container filled primarily with:
26. Murtah and Riggs escape the shipping container:
By prying the door off the hinges
By blasting a hole in the bottom
By driving a car out of it
By shooting the crane operator
27. As Martin faces off with Rudd's head of security, he is hampered because he has a knife in:
The leg
His hand
His neck
His arm
28. Who crushes Rudd's head of security with the shipping container?
29. And who kills Rudd?
30. What happened to Rudd's diplomatic immunity?
It's been terminated
It expired
It's just been revoked
It's just been rescinded

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