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How Well Do You Know: True Lies
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1. The film begins with Harry Tasker infiltrating a party at a mansion in this European country:
2. Harry is detained as he tries to leave the mansion, as he meets Juno Skinner. He introduces himself as having this last name:
3. And he takes time do dance this dance with Juno:
4. Helen Tasker believes his her husband is in this line of work:
5. Harry sees his daughter Dana lift some money from his wallet thanks to a camera Gib has placed in:
A whiskey flask
A stuffed cat
A pack of cigarettes
A newspaper
6. Harry and Gib work for a covert organization called the ________ Sector:
7. Juno deals in _________ art:
Ancient Chinese
Ancient Greek
Ancient Persian
Ancient Babylonian
8. When we first see Salim Abu Aziz with Juno, Aziz:
Kisses her
Blindfolds her
Dances with her
Hits her
9. Harry's pursuit of Aziz through the mall makes him miss a celebration for:
His and Helen's anniversary
Helen's birthday
Dana's birthday
Harry's birthday
10. Who is in the hotel elevator with Harry as he ascends in pursuit of Aziz?
Two young boys
An attractive woman
An older couple
A hotel maid and bellhop
11. When Harry's horse is unable/unwilling to make the rooftop-to-rooftop jump, Harry glares at Aziz, who:
Emerges from a swimming pool
Has crashed through a window
Hangs momentarily from the rooftop by his fingers
Is nearly burned by his exploding motorcycle
12. Aziz heads up a splinter faction called the _______ Jihad and is known as the Sand _________:
Black / Scorpion
Crimson / Spider
Scarlet / Snake
Steel / Lion
13. Upon realizing Helen is having an affair, Harry nearly:
Is decapitated by a pane glass window
Is hit by a bus
Falls into a manhole
Is electrocuted
14. Poser spy/used car salesman Simon talks to Harry about Helen as they drive a roadster that is this color:
Midnight blue
15. Simon asks Helen to go with him to __________; when she accepts, he tells her ___________.
Paris / You just saved my life
Rome / Your country thanks you
Madrid / Welcome to the world of espionage
Cairo / You are doing your duty
16. Harry gives Helen the code name:
17. Simon wets himself as Harry interrogates him, saying that Simon is a terrorist named:
18. Albert tells Helen to meet a suspected arms dealer in a hotel room. She is to assume the role of a prostitute named:
19. Harry's use of the recording hits a bit of a glitch when he tells Helen to:
Put her dress on the bed (it's already on the bed)
Start dancing (she has already started)
Take off her nylons (she's not wearing any)
Unzip her dress (she has already unzipped it)
20. Thinking that the man who is actually Harry is going to do more to her than just watch, Helen hits Harry upside the head with:
A phone
A lamp
A nightstand drawer
A champagne bottle
21. Juno flies Helen and Harry to this state, where Aziz will demonstrate his nuclear capabilities:
New York
22. When asked to identify the nuclear weapon, Harry first answers:
Air conditioner
Espresso machine
Sno-cone maker
23. Something goes wrong during the recording of Aziz's demands. What is it?
He accidentally shoots one of his gang
The lens cover is left on the the camera
The facility goes dark when the electricity is cut off
The battery runs out
24. Harry gives a preemptive play-by-play of his escape from the interrogator. He mentions each of the following, except:
Breaking the interrogator's neck
Using the interrogator as a human shield
Igniting a fuel drum
Killing a guard with an instrument on the table
25. As Helen executes her incredible gun-firing-while-falling-down-the-stairs maneuver, Harry is:
Being held at gunpoint by Juno
Using a flamethrower
Defusing one of the bombs
Grappling with one of Aziz's men
26. Juno recaptures Helen as she believes she has seen Harry killed by Aziz using a:
Shoulder-mounted rocket
Machine gun
Belt of grenades
27. The Marines blow up the bridge, and a truck carrying one of the nukes teeters on the edge of the destroyed bridge - only to be doomed by:
A seagull
A pelican
A heron
A hummingbird
28. Learning that Aziz has taken Dana as a hostage, Harry takes off for Miami in:
A fan boat
A helicopter
A stealth jet
A Harrier jet
29. Who notices the key to detonate the bomb has gone missing?
A TV newsman
One of Aziz's men
30. Terry and Helen see Simon during their assignment at the end of the movie Simon unsurprisingly:
Gets a nosebleed
Throws up
Hits on Helen
Wets himself

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