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How Well Do You Know: The Full Monty
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1. Gaz and Dave are trying to steal _____, from the factory they use to work at.
Copper wire
A steel beam
Brass pipes
Metal doors
2. Gaz is appalled and rightfully disgusted by what he witnesses a woman do in front of him. What does she do?
Loudly fart
Talk about how bad she has to poop
Let out a smelly burp
Pee standing up
3. What does Gaz need a lot of money for?
Child support
To pay back a loan
A mortgage
For his son's schooling
4. Dave saves Lomper's life, when Lomper attempts to kill himself. How was Lomper attempting to die?
By hanging
Sitting on train track
By carbon monoxide
Jumping off a bridge
5. Gaz tries to strip in front of his friends, all is going well until he has trouble taking off his:
6. Gerald has a front yard full of what?
Pink flamingos
7. Finish what Gerald says to Gaz and Dave on the reason they will never make it as strippers. "You're fat, he's thin and you both:"
Are ugly
Are idiots
Can't dance
Act like children
8. How does Dave and Gaz ruin Gerald's job interview?
Making him late
Ruining his suit
Stealing his application
Distracting him
9. The guys hold a open audition for male strippers. What is the name of the next man who joins their crew?
10. The last member to join is Guy. Guy has a favorite stunt which he attempts to do throughout the movie, and fails at. What is he attempting to do?
Kicking his heels together
Walk up a wall
A back flip
The splits
11. What do Dave and Gaz do every time they visit the supermarket?
Knock over shelves
Open food and eat it
Harass the employees
12. What famous movie do the guys watch to get dance inspiration?
Singing in the rain
Saturday Night Fever
13. The guys, wearing their underwear only, scare men away attempting to do what?
Collect money from Gaz
Bully Dave
Rob Lomper
Repossess Gerald's belongings
14. Gaz has what hidden talent, which is a asset to the group?
15. Gaz needs $100 down, for a deposit to reserve the nightclub. Where does he get the money from?
His ex wife
His son Nathan
Lomper's mom
Horse's sister
16. What do the guys call their stripping crew?
Strictly Steal
Robbing pipes
Delivery Men
Hot Metal
17. What song can cause uncontrollable dancing in line?
Play That Funky Music
You Sexy Thing
Hot Stuff
Macho Man
18. Dave tells the guys, "Anti-wrinkle cream they may have, but anti- ____ cream there is none."
Old wanker
Fat bastard
Bloody ugly
Skinny tosser
19. Which guy calls on a pay phone, to discuss a penis pump not working properly?
20. Dave is concerned about his weight, and decides to quit the group. He takes a job as a _____ instead.
Grocery bagger
Grounds keeper
Security guard
Factory worker
21. Who do the guys practice stripping in front of?
Lomper's band mates
Guy's sister
Gaz's ex wife
Horse's mom
22. Everyone is consistently complaining about Gaz's dancing. What mistake is Gaz always making?
He's always tripping
He's always ahead of the music
He pushes the other dancers
He's always behind the music
23. Dave quits his job to go where with Gaz?
A wedding
A party
A funeral
Their strip show
24. Why does Dave's wife Jean threaten to divorce him?
She believes he's cheating
Because he quit his job
She doesn't want him stripping
She wants him to stop hanging out with Gaz
25. On the night of the big show, which one of the guys in the group decides not to strip (he later decides to out in the middle of the strip routine)?

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