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How Well Do You Know: Dangerous Minds
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1. Before becoming a school teacher, what was Louanne's profession?
Combat medic
Correction officer
2. What is the nickname the class gives Louanne?
Vanilla wafer
White bread
3. Louanne tries and fails at what punishment in the classroom?
Writing names on the board
Putting kids in the corner
Giving kids detention
Telling the kids to put their heads down
4. Louanne tries to get the kids attention by asking them if any of them know any what?
Kung fu
Ninja moves
Kick boxing
5. Louanne writes on the chalk board, "We want to ______."
6. Callie is the star pupil in class. She tells Louanne, their class book is called My Darling, My:
7. What does Louanne bribe the kids with to answer English questions?
$1 bills
Cans of pop
Candy bars
8. What is the name of the kid who is the most popular, and therefore is in charge of the class?
9. Louanne gives the kids a classic song to interpret. What is the name of the song?
Mr. Tambourine Man
The Times They Are A Changin'
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Like a Rolling Stone
10. Emilio gets into a fight with two kids and beats them both up. The names of the two kids fights are, Raul and:
11. What is the kids' reward for reading poetry?
A pizza party
Going to a arcade
A ice cream party
Going to a amusement park
12. What is the name of the poet the kids study in Louanne's class?
Dylan Thomas
W. B. Yeats
Langston Hughes
Ralph Waldo Emerson
13. What is the prize for the Dylan, Dylan contest?
Going to a amusement park
Dinner at a fancy restaurant
Going to the movies
A huge pizza party
14. Raul buys a "hot" item off the streets, and has to pay for it. What does Raul buy?
A stereo
A jacket
A gun
15. Louanne tells Raul he can pay back the money he owes her after when what happens?
He gets accepted into college
He turns 21
He gets his first job
He graduates high school
16. Louanne confesses several secrets to Callie. What *doesn't* she tell Callie?
Her husband cheated on her
She's recently divorced
She had a abortion
He husband beat her
17. Emilio gets into a serious altercation with another man who is threatening to kill him. What are they fighting about?
Buying stolen goods
A girl
18. Louanne is super bummed about the twins leaving school. Why did their mother say she pulled them out?
They need to get jobs
For reading poetry
They need to help their sick grandfather
For writing stories
19. Annoying Principle Grandey is a stickler for rules. What rule is he obsessed with, that ultimately leads to Emilio's death?
No shouting or using profanity
Speak only when spoken to
Never show up unannounced
One most knock before entering
20. Hal asks Louanne how did the class get her to agree to stay. Louanne replies, "They gave me candy and called me:"
The tambourine man
The light

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