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How Well Do You Know: Sleeping with the Enemy
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1. When we first see the happy couple of Martin and Laura, what are they doing on the beach?
Building sand castles
Collecting sea shells
2. Martin likes to control the way Laura looks. What does he insist upon with her appearance?
The way she wears her hair
The style of clothes she wears
Her wearing his family jewelry
She must wear red lipstick
3. What is the reason Martin beats Laura?
For not keeping the house clean
For dinner being late
For coming home late from work
Because she said she looked at the neighbor man
4. What is the best description to describe Martin's personality?
5. What does Martin give Laura as a gift after he beats her?
A black dress
A nightie
Fancy chocolates
A necklace
6. The next morning after the party, Martin corrects Laura about her housekeeping skills. What is he upset about?
Shoes not laying straight
Cabinets not being organized
Towels not being same length
Dishes in the drying rack
7. Laura is able to fake her death by pretending to be afraid of what?
Small spaces
8. How is Laura able to find her way home in the water?
She follows the stars
She looks for the broken lamp light
She looks for the blue light of her porch light
She leaves a candle burning in the window
9. Laura makes a huge mistake,of leaving a clue behind - which in turn makes Martin believe she is still alive. What clue does Martin find?
Her photo album is missing
A bank statement with missing money
Some of her clothes are gone
Her wedding ring
10. Where does Martin find Laura's wedding ring?
In the toilet
In the trash
In the backyard
On the beach
11. Laura discovers her next door neighbor performing what musical in his yard?
Guys and Dolls
West Side Story
12. Laura is first introduced to Ben when she is caught stealing what?
13. Martin is POSITIVE that Laura faked her own death when he receives a disturbing phone call. Who is the phone call from?
A woman from her swim class
Laura's boss from the library
A lady at the bank
A nurse from her mother's nursing home
14. Ben becomes frustrated with Laura because he's sure she has been lying to him. What does he think she's lying about?
Her age
Being in a abusive relationship
Where she comes from
Her real name
15. Where does Ben take Laura on their first date?
A closed amusement park
A empty theatre
A closed costume shop
A empty restaurant
16. Laura tries on hats and costumes in a montage to what classic song?
Me and Bobby McGee
Brown Eyed Girl
Dancing in the Moonlight
17. Ben helps Laura see her mother by disguising her as what?
A nurse
A old woman
A man
A police officer
18. Where does Martin finally see Laura for the first time after she faked her death?
A fair
A shopping mall
The movies
A museum
19. What does Laura find in her home which leads her to believe Martin has been there?
Her refrigerator was organized
Her closet has been organized
All her drawers have been organized
The food in her cupboards have been organized
20. Who kills Martin?
The police
A concerned neighbor

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