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How Well Do You Know: The Stand, Part 4: The Stand
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1. What happens to Harold?
He falls off a bridge and breaks his neck
He gets in a car accident and dies
Flagg kills him
He falls down a cliff and breaks his legs
2. Flagg orders to death of Judge Farris, with what strict instructions?
Make sure he dies slowly
Not to mark him
To cut off his head
Shoot him in the face
3. Flagg informs Lloyd that someone close to him is a spy. Who has been spying on Lloyd?
His girlfriend
His best friend
His brother
His partner
4. What happens to Randall when Dana tries to stab him?
The knife shatters
The knife goes right through him
The knife disappears
The knife turns into a banana
5. What does Dana do rather than tell Randall about Tom?
Jumps off a building
Shoots herself in the head
Impales herself on glass
Cuts her own throat
6. Tom is told to come back to Boulder when?
At the start of the new year
When the moon is full
When winter comes
When the leaves change
7. Who has become a human voodoo doll, and is experiencing everything Harold is feeling?
8. What does Harold's note say when he ends his life?
I regret nothing
I'm sorry Franny, I love you
I was wrong, I paid the price
I'm sorry, I was lead astray
9. Randall wants Trash dead. What are his strict instructions on how to handle Trash?
Make him unrecognizable
Be gentle and merciful
Make him suffer
Make a example of him
10. Who from the Free Zone is Randall desperately searching for?
11. Randall asks Lloyd. "So how's that drink Lloyd?" Lloyd responses:
Just great, it's all over the wall
Just the way I like it
Tastes wonderful, sir
I wouldn't know, it spilled on the floor
12. What does Nadine ask Randall for when Randall offers her anything she wants?
Can we bring Larry to Vegas?
Can you take this all back?
Can you grant me forgiveness?
Can you give me Larry?
13. How does Nadine kill herself?
She shoots herself in the bed
She jumps from a building
She impales herself on glass
She cuts her throat
14. Which one of the Free Zone members breaks their leg on the way to Vegas?
15. Stu not fairing well from his recent fall and fears he's going to die. What is he positive he's gonna die from?
The flu
16. The chief of police in Vegas tries to justify all the terrible behavior in Vegas by saying what?
They have no thieves
Crime is down by 70%
Everyone has a fair trial
They have no drug users
17. Who does Lloyd kill in prison before he is set to stand trial with Flagg?
18. What does Trashcan man do to Vegas?
Blows it up by destroying underground gas pipes
Brings a nuclear bomb
Uses dynamite to blow up multiple buildings
Sets multiple fires
19. Who tells Tom what kind of treatment to give Stu to save his life?
Mother Abigail
20. When Stu finally makes it back to Boulder, he finds out what about Franny's baby?
She's perfectly healthy
She has a twin brother
She has the flu
It's died

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