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How Well Do You Know: The Stand, Part 3: The Betrayal
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1. Part 3 begins with Stu attempting to help of member of his group. What kind of medical treatment is he attempting?
Tooth extraction
Limb amputation
Appendix removal
2. Franny finally comes clean and admits what to Harold?
She's dating Stu
She doesn't want to be roommates with him
She's pregnant
She just wants to be friends with him
3. What does Randall Flagg give him most loyal followers as a token?
A tattoo
A red necklace
A happy face button
A black stone
4. Stephen King loves to do cameos in his films. When we first see Stephen King, what is he doing?
Hitch hiking on the side of the road
Driving a truck
Talking with Larry
Riding a motorcycle
5. Larry notices a immediate change in Nadine's appearance when he sees her again in Boulder. What has changed about her?
Her face has aged
She has scars all over her
Her hair has turned grey
She is walking with a limp
6. Who becomes head of the Free Zone committee?
All of the below
7. Glen is very vocal about being displeased about what?
Mother Abagail talking about God
New recruits coming to Boulder
A city-wide curfew
The electricity being turned back on
8. Mother Abigail leaves Boulder for fear she has committed what sin?
9. What does Nick want to do about Flagg?
Send people to spy on him
Move farther away from him
Nothing, ignore him
Send people to kill him
10. The three spies that they send out to spy in Las Vegas are Judge Farris, Dana and ____.
11. Nadine has to do what if she wants to keep avoid having to go to Flagg?
Have a baby
Marry another man
Commit to stay with Mother Abigail in Boulder
Lose her virginity
12. Tom is told to tell the people of Las Vegas that he was ran out of Boulder. What is the reason he is to tell them?
He will have idiot children
He is dangerous
They don't want retarded people around
Nobody wants to "babysit" him
13. Randall tells Harold in a dream to do what?
Go on a shooting spree in Boulder
Kill Mother Abigail
Poison the town's water supply
Blow up the Free Zone committee
14. Harold get a new job doing what?
Road clearer
Body clean up
Garbage pick up
Scouting for food
15. Harold has a bad tendency to do what when he sees a dead body?
Wet his pants
16. Nadine throws out a random observation when trying to seduce Harold. What does she says about the supermarket?
It's burned down
It's infested with bugs
It smells horribly
It's filled with deer
17. According to reports: Those that don't die alone usually die where?
At home in bed
In the hospital
In church
With family
18. Harold says to Nadine, "What the hell are you doing, don't screw with my ____."
19. Harold asks Nadine,"Are we _______?"
20. Who finds Harold's bomb in the closet and is killed?

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