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How Well Do You Know: 2015: Celebrities in Memoriam
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1. Leonard Nimoy was best known for his role as Spock in the Star Trek franchise, but he was also a published poet, recording artist, and stage actor. Nimoy, who died on February 27, also directed a few of the Star Trek movies in which he co-starred, as well as this popular 1987 film.
Three Men and a Baby
Lethal Weapon
Fatal Attraction
Dirty Dancing
By way of explanation.....
Three Men and a Baby was the highest grossing movie of 1987.
2. This woman dabbled in acting, but unlike her famous older sister, she quit acting to become a novelist. Who was she?
Danielle Steel
Nora Roberts
Mary Higgins Clark
Jackie Collins
By way of explanation.....
Joan's younger sister passed away on September 19 as a result of breast cancer.
3. This late actor was an accomplished actor, with nearly 300 credits to his name - including rules in major movie franchises - at the time of his death in June at the age of 93. He was also a successful recording artist, having released a number of heavy metal albums. Who was he?
Sir Christopher Lee
Kirk Douglas
Max von Sydow
Martin Landau
4. On January 11 we bid "adjö" to Swedish-Italian actress/model Anita Ekberg. While she worked steadily in movies for 50 years, she may be best known for her role in this film.
Life is Beautiful
Cinema Paradiso
Das Boot
La Dolce Vita
5. This late actor, frequently seen in roles of a political or legal nature, was a former United States senator. He was also appointed to counsel during the Watergate hearings, and briefly campaigned for the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination. Who was he?
Ben Jones
Fred Thompson
Ben Stein
Fred Grandy
By way of explanation.....
Fred Thompson died on November 1. (imagine Law & Order "DUN DUN" sound effect here)
6. This year we bid a final farewell to Sam Simon, who died on March 8 after a long battle with colon cancer. Simon had a successful career as a TV writer, director and producer; we have him to thank for co-creating this show.
The Sopranos
The Simpsons
Breaking Bad
Saturday Night Live
7. Composer James Horner died on June 22 when his single-engine aircraft crashed in a forest. He won an Academy Award for this movie's score. This score is, at this time, the best-selling orchestral soundtrack of all time.
Apollo 13
An American Tail
8. Horror fans everywhere were mourning the August 30th death of this master of the slasher film.
George Romero
Clive Barker
Wes Craven
Eli Roth
9. The late Kevin Corcoran, who died on October 6 at the age of 66, was a child actor who co-starred in many live-action Disney films. Which of the following did NOT co-star Mr. Corcoran?
Old Yeller
The Parent Trap
The Shaggy Dog
Swiss Family Robinson
10. We bid farewell to another frequent Disney live-action regular, Dean Jones, on September 1. His most recognizable Disney role was in what series?
The Santa Claus
The Shaggy Dog
The Love Bug
By way of explanation.....
Jones played race car driver Jim Douglas in 2 Herbie movies, a TV series and a made-for-TV remake.
11. The late Anne Meara was an accomplished actress of stage and screen, but she may be best known for her comedic partnership with her husband of over 60 years (until her death on May 23), ________.
Gene Wilder
Jerry Stiller
Mel Brooks
Carl Reiner
12. You may not recognize the name Gunnar Hansen, but horror fans definitely recognize his alter-ego. Which masked killer did the late actor play?
Michael Myers (Halloween)
Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th)
Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
Jigsaw (Saw)
13. This late actress, nicknamed "the Queen of Technicolor", frequently collaborated with John Wayne and with John Ford during her decades-long career.
Maureen O'Hara
Lauren Bacall
Leslie Caron
Joan Fontaine
By way of explanation.....
O'Hara died on October 24 at the age of 95.
14. On June 23, we said goodbye to the actor who played this TV dad.
Rob Petrie (The Dick van Dyke Show)
Jack Arnold (The Wonder Years)
Steven Keaton (Family Ties)
Tom Bradford (Eight is Enough)
By way of explanation.....
Dick van Patten was 86 years old at the time of his death.
15. Donna Douglas, who died on the first day of 2015, rose to the height of her fame as a cast member on what TV show?
The Beverly Hillbillies
The Love Boat
Gilligan's Island
Petticoat Junction
By way of explanation.....
Douglas played Elly May Clampett.
16. This late Academy Award-nominated actor was also a champion bridge player; he was once ranked one of the Top 50 contract bridge players in the world, and wrote and co-wrote instruction manuals on the game. Who was he?
James Garner
Omar Sharif
Michael Gambon
Peter O'Toole
By way of explanation.....
Sharif died on July 10 of a heart attack.
17. The late Yvonne Craig, who passed away from breast cancer on August 17, had a decades-long career in television and films. Yet she's probably best known for her portrayal of this character.
Lt. Uhura
Emma Peel
Wonder Woman
18. Screenwriter Melissa Mathison lost her battle with cancer on November 4. We have her to thank for helping to bring which beloved 1980's character to life?
E.T. (E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial)
Sloth (The Goonies)
Slimer (Ghostbusters)
Gizmo (Gremlins)
19. The late Theodore Bikel accomplished a great deal during his 91 years here. Which of the following is not true about Bikel, who died on July 27?
he campaigned for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1983-84
he co-founded the Newport Folk Festival
he created the role of Captain von Trapp in the original Broadway production of The Sound of Music
he played the role of Tevye (Fiddler on the Roof) on Broadway longer than any other actor in history
By way of explanation.....
He co-founded the Newport Folk Festival in 1959, created the role of Captain von Trapp opposite Mary Martin as Maria, and played Tevye over 2000 times.
20. This late actor started off in a different line of work; he was a college football star who was selected by the Denver Broncos in the 1960 AFL draft. He chose to enter the US Army instead, then became an actor after his stint in the Army was over. His best-known roles were on Bonanza and All My Children (which nabbed him 5 Daytime Emmy Awards). Who was he?
John Aniston
Eric Braeden
John Ingle
David Canary
By way of explanation.....
Canary, who played Stuart and Adam Chandler on All My Children and Candy Canaday on Bonanza, died on November 16.

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