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How Well Do You Know: The Stand, Part 2: The Dreams
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1. Harold and Franny decide to leave Maine and go where?
New York
2. What song is played through a montage showing all the death from the plague?
Don't Dream It's Over
The Living Years
Holding Back the Years
Mad World
3. Nadine get extremely mad at Larry for asking her a question. She claims that she never:
4. Randall has a strange man making bombs for him in the desert. The man's nickname is _____ man.
5. The characters are having dreams of Mother Abigail in which state?
6. Mother Abigail knows there's trouble brewing when she sees what?
Vultures are in the sky
Foxes are in the fields
The crows are in the yard
The rats are in the corn
7. Mother Abigail constantly sings what spiritual song?
To God Be the Glory
Praise to the Lord the Almighty
What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Amazing Grace
8. Randall recruits Lloyd after finding him where?
In prison
Wandering around in the desert
Stuck in a elevator
Drunk in a bar
9. Nadine and Larry have a huge blowout over what?
Crossing a bridge
Where to sleep
Which state to go to
Going through a tunnel
10. Stu walking through Massachusetts stumbles across Glen. Not only does he make fun of him over his off-key singing, but also teases him about his:
Ugly dog
11. Although Nadine likes Larry, she decides to leave his company because of Randall. What does Randall want from Nadine, causing her to feel guilty and leave Larry?
Her everlasting soul
To kill Larry
Her virginity
To recruit others
12. Nick meet Tom Cullens, who has a special word that apparently spells EVERYTHING. What is that word?
13. What is NOT a reason Harold takes a severe disliking to Stu?
He thinks Stu is trying to be boss
He thinks he might be dangerous
He thinks he's a liar
He's afraid he will hook up with Franny
14. Trashcan Man hears voices in his head of the children who laughed and bullied him as a kid. One of the voices says to him: "People who play with fire ______, Trash."
Get burned
Are ugly freaks
Wet the bed
Smell like dog crap
15. Nick meets crazy-ass Julia and they have disagreement on his urgency to help Tom. What does Tom badly need?
A drink of water
Pepto Bismol
A bandage
A aspirin
16. Julia leaves Tom and Nick doing what?
Crying her eyes out
Begging them to stay
Throwing things at them
Shooting at them
17. Lucy's kid Joe does what to Larry when he first meets him?
Runs up and hugs him
Kicks him and runs away
Tries to stab him
Points a gun at him
18. When Nick tells Mother Abigail in writing that he doesn't believe in God, how does she react?
She laughs
She cries
She gets angry
She's calm and says, "That's your right"
19. After Nebraska, Mother Abigail and her company decide to head for which state?
20. What city is Randall and his company located in?
Salt Lake City
Las Vegas

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