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How Well Do You Know: The Stand, Part 1: The Plague
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1. At the beginning of the film, there is a montage of death at the research facility. What song is the scene set to?
The Art of Dying
Fade to Black
In My Time of Dying
Don't Fear the Reaper
2. How did the plague - by way of Campion - escape the research facility?
A malfunctioning gate
A broken window
An abandoned tunnel
A hole in a wall
3. People that are getting sick are unaware of the plague. They think all they have is a:
New strain of measles
Case of the flu
High fever
Bad cold
4. Stu's friend is very concerned about the quarantined. He is convinced it is what illness?
5. The plague first takes hold in what US city?
Arnett, Texas
Payson, Arizona
Fremont, Nebraska
6. Throughout the entire film, Larry's number one hit song is played and/or sang. The name of the track is: "Baby, Can You ___ Your Man."
7. What affliction does Nick have?
A prosthetic leg
Deaf and dumb
8. Mother Abigail says, "I'm 106 years old and I still _____."
Scrub the floors
Can get down and dance
Make my own bread
Can catch and fry up a chicken
9. Larry and all his friends from Arnett are taken to the Center For Disease Control in:
New York
10. What commercial and product is played over and over throughout Part 1: The Plague?
Cough Be Gone
All Better Pill
Flu Buddy
Cold No More
11. The plague is called many names in the U.S. In this state, they call it "Captain Tripps."
New York
12. What famous real-life basketball player has a cameo in Part , walking around New York City, ringing a bell and yelling, "Bring out your dead!!"
John Salley
Rick Fox
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Shaquille O'Neal
13. Larry bumps into a scary man in New York, who will later become a major bad guy. What is the nickname of this unsavory character?
Rat Man
Mad Dog
14. Randall Flagg appears as what creature?
A crow
A vulture
A owl
A hawk
15. Stu is perfectly healthy, showing no signs of the plague. His captors prove this with _____ the guinea pig.
16. The first time Randall Flagg appears to someone as a man, he is seen where?
Under a street lamp
Sitting on a telephone pole
On a busy sidewalk
Sitting on top of a swing set
17. Nick gets promoted to what important position, due to the incumbent's sickness?
Fire chief
18. Franny and her father remain unaware of what's going on in the U.S. until:
Someone is killed live on the radio
They seen the military shooting sick people
Someone is killed live on TV
Her friend Harold tells them what he's seen
19. General Starkey is found dead from a gunshot wound with a sign around his neck. What does the sign say?
He's coming
Beware of the Beast
I'm sorry
20. Larry's moms dying words of him are words of warning. She tells him to beware of who?
Randell Flagg
The Crow
The Beast
The Dark One

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