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How Well Do You Know: Gone in 60 Seconds
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1. Kip has to steal a Porsche. He says to Mirror, "I have to get my tool out." What tool does he mean?
A crowbar
A gun
A brick
Bolt cutters
2. What important evidence is left behind when Kip and his crew flees the warehouse?
Keys to stolen cars
Computer disc
Glow in the dark markers
A blacklight bulb
3. What is Kip's older brother Randall's nickname?
4. What nickname is given to Raymond Calitri (the bad guy)?
The Plumber
The Carpenter
The Mechanic
The Grave Digger
5. How many cars does Memphis have to steal in four days?
6. Memphis's good friend Donny once was a expert car thief. What is he currently doing for a living?
Car wash attendant
He works in a chop shop
Driving instructor
Owner of a gas station
7. What famous rapper plays Johnny B, a rival car thief to Memphis?
Master P
The Game
Ja Rule
Dr. Dre
8. What is Memphis's good friend Sphinx currently doing after retiring from being a car thief?
Casket maker
9. Everyone in Kip's crew has special skills in the field of auto theft. What does he say Fred is good at?
Calming angry dogs
Ordering pizza
Reading Japanese
Making chili
10. Sway rides into the group unannounced. She says, "I'm only here:"
For Kip
For the rush
For you, Memphis
To prove I still got it
11. To hide all activity of stolen cars being broadcast, all the cars are given _____.
Boys' names
Names of the states
Girls' names
Names of movie titles
12. Who is Eleanor?
Memphis and Kip's mother
A 458 Spider Ferrari
Memphis' ex-girlfriend
A Shelby Mustang
13. What does Memphis and Kip do to Johnny B?
Pull off his cars undercarriage
Push his car off the pier
Blow up his car
Steal his car
14. Fred is stupid enough to steal a Cadillac with _____ in the trunk.
A body
Stolen parts
15. A cop comes to the shop to see what Memphis and his crew are up to. What did Tumbler say he was planning on doing to the cop?
Cut him
Bonk him
Crack him
Shoot him
16. What song does Memphis and his crew listen too, to get the car thief mojo working?
Low Rider
Highway Star
I Can't Drive 55
Slow Ride
17. Donny tells Mirror he looks like what?
Gangsta Keebler elf
The 8th dwarf Thuggy
Carjacker of Munchkin land
A ghetto Smurf
18. Memphis reports to his crew that which types of cars are dirty?
The Corvettes
The Porsches
The Mercedes
The Shelby Mustangs
19. What did Otto's dog eat that was so important?
A license plate
Car keys
Fred's inhaler
The stolen car list
20. Finish this statement, "I think I'm gonna throw up, dog - what kinda pervert gets his jollies playing in:"
Dog $hit
21. At the police impound, Mirror distracts the security guard with what?
A barbie doll
A kitten
A pizza
22. Mirror and Sphinx steal a Hummer with what inside?
A pit bull
A iguana
A snake
A parrot
23. Who gets shot by a neighbor hood security officer?
24. Who does Memphis save from being shot by Raymond?
Det. Castlebeck
25. The last sound before the credits start rolling is Eleanor's:
Tires burning out
Car alarm going off
Engine stalling

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