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How Well Do You Know: Thunderball
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The movie opens with Bond observing the funeral of SPECTRE operative Colonel Jacques Bouvar. But Colonel Bouvar is not really dead – he is disguised as:
his brother
his chauffeur
the executor of his estate
his widow
Bond fights with Bouvar and kills him by strangling him with a poker. Before making his escape, he:
throws flowers on the corpse
helps himself to something from the drinks cabinet
takes a magazine to read on the drive back to Paris
lights a match using the dead man's shoe
Bond escapes from the chateau to his Aston Martin using a portable:
jet pack
fan. Like the Fan Man
Now the opening sequence is done, it's time for the opening credits. Who performs the theme song for Thunderball?
Tom Jones
Shirley Bassey
Gene Pitney
Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
With his back to us is SPECTRE Number Two, Emilio Largo. What is his most distinguishing feature?
An artificial leg
A hook for a hand
An eyepatch
A parrot
Number 9 is executed for embezzling from SPECTRE. How was the execution carried out?
Electric chair
Bond meets SPECTRE operative Count Lippe at Shrublands, which is:
a casino
a health spa
a golf course
a retreat for the criminally insane
Calling from Shrublands, Bond threatens to put Moneypenny across his knee. Why doesn't Moneypenny believe him?
Because Bond is weak from a diet of yoghurt and lemon juice
Because Bond is weak from shagging the nurse
Because M would remove him from the service
Because Bond always promises, but never delivers
Suspicious of Count Lippe, Bond sneaks into his room. What does he take before leaving?
A banana
An apple
A grape
An orange
SPECTRE hijacks a bomber armed with nuclear warheads by gassing everyone on board except the SPECTRE operative, who is:
the pilot
the radio operator
the observer from NATO
an exact double of the observer from NATO
SPECTRE plans to hijack atomic weapons and threaten to destroy a city in the United Kingdom or the United States of America. How much money do they ask for as a ransom?
One million dollars
One million pounds
One hundred million dollars
One hundred million pounds
SPECTRE asks the British Government to indicate their agreement to paying the ransom by arranging for:
the Tower Bridge to be raised at nine o'clock
Big Ben to strike seven at six o'clock
the Prime Minister to declare his affection for pickled onions on live television
the Royal Flag to be flown at Buckingham Palace even though the Queen is not in residence
Bond is initially assigned to look for the missing nuclear warheads in Canada, but indicates a preference to carry out the search in which country?
the Bahamas
Bond's first objective is to make contact with this character. What is her name?
And how is Bond certain that he will recognise her?
she has a knockout figure
she has a distinctive mole on her chin
she has two moles on her left thigh
she is a former Miss France, and Bond is a beauty pageant afficionado
What does Bond do at his first meeting with Largo?
beat him at cards
take his mistress out for champagne, caviar and dancing
repeatedly drop the word 'spectre' to see if it gets a reaction
all of the above
Quist allows Bond to get the better of him. What is his punishment?
he is told to do better next time and sent to kill Bond
he is beaten to a jelly
he is shot with a spear gun
he is thrown in the shark pool
Q is sent to equip Bond in the field, a practice he finds highly irregular. What equipment does he not give to Bond?
a watch that is also a Geiger counter
a spear-gun-proof scuba suit
a small tube that allows Bond to breathe underwater
an underwater camera with infra-red film
After scouting Largo's yacht, Bond takes up hitch-hiking and is picked up by Fiona Volpe. How does he know she is a SPECTRE operative?
she wears the same octopus ring as Largo
she visibly reacts when Bond drops the word 'spectre'
he doesn't know... until he finds out she talks in her sleep
she's a mysterious, beautiful woman driving a fast car who happens to be staying at Bond's hotel.
This is Vargas. What does Vargas like to do?
make love
it is never revealed, but implied that he likes to hurt people
Bond returns to his hotel room, only to find Fiona Volpe in the bath. She asks for something to put on. Bond hands her:
a towel
a bathrobe
a kimono
a pair of shoes
The nuclear bombs are placed on board Largo's yacht, the Disco Volante. What is special about the Disco Volante?
it can jettison its stern and speed away on hydrofoils
it holds the speed record for crossing the Atlantic
it has a jet engine for use in quick getaways
it can fit two nuclear submarines in its hull
Just in case the Western powers choose not to pay the ransom, SPECTRE plans to blow up:
Washington DC
San Francisco
After a very long underwater battle sequence, SPECTRE is foiled and the day is saved. Who kills Largo?
Felix Leiter
No one. He is on the Disco Volante when it crashes and explodes
In the novel Thunderball Largo is depicted as a large, olive-skinned, powerful man exuding animal charm, rather than a grey-haired fatso with an eyepatch. What particular characteristic does Largo have?
huge, hairy hands that are likened to brown, furry animals
long, pointed fingers that are likened to scorpion tails
a cold, calculating manner that is likened to a praying mantis
black, empty eyes that are likened to those of a snake

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