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How Well Do You Know: Jack
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1. Jack was born 7 months early, while his parents were busy at a _______.
Halloween party
Family reunion
Amusement park
Christmas party
2. What comedy legend does Jack have as his tutor?
George Carlin
Richard Pryor
Don Rickles
Bill Cosby
3. Jack hears kids outside his window calling him a name. Jack than asks him mom, "Am I a ____."
4. Physically, Jack is 40. What age is his mind?
5. What always happens to Jack in his classroom?
Kids knock his book out of his hands
He trips and falls
He hits his head on the hanging art
He falls over in his desk
6. Jack's dad tells him, "All adults hate ____, but sometimes they make them to cheer kids up."
Sloppy joes
Root Beer Floats
Bologna sandwiches
Peanut butter and jelly
7. Jack finally makes some friends at school. The other kids realize Jack is perfect on a team for playing _____.
Kick ball
Dodge ball
8. Louie asks Jack to pretend to be someone for his mother. Who does Jack pretend to be?
His teacher
His friend's dad
The principle
The basketball coach
9. Louie's mom flirts with Jack. What does she give him as a gift, to remember her by?
Business card
Her phone number
A key chain
10. Louie invites Jack to come to the members-only club house. What does Jack have to buy first?
Chewing tobacco
Porno magazines
11. What disgusting thing does the tree house members make Jack eat before he can become a member himself?
A worm
A mixture of different foods
A flaming hot pepper
12. What stinky smell do the club house members dare each other to smell out of cans?
Sweaty socks
Moldy cheese
13. What does Jack give his teacher as a gift?
Purple flowers
A orange
Red gummy bears
Yellow M&Ms
14. What song does Mr. Woodruff have Jack and his friends perform, at the tree house?
Yakety Yak
One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater
Witch Doctor
Charlie Brown
15. What problem happens with Mr. Woodruff in the treehouse?
The roof caves in
It falls out of the tree
It catches on fire
The ladder breaks
16. What does Jack say he wants to be at age 28?
A school teacher
Not a old man
17. Jack runs away from home, and ends up where?
Dance club
A strip club
Louie's house
A bar
18. What happens to Jack at the bar?
He hits a man in a fight
He passes out drunk
He gets arrested
He dances on the table
19. Mr. Woodruff compares Jack's life to what?
A rose
A shooting star
A blue moon
A butterfly
20. Finish what Jack says to his mother, in his graduation speech "Look mom, ____."
I'm a grown up
We finally got here
I did it
I kept my promise

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