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How Well Do You Know: The Coneheads
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1. When the Coneheads first arrive on earth, they witness a sport on television that terrifies them. What is it?
2. Sinbad gives Beldar his first job on earth doing what?
House painter
Repair man
3. Beldar gets a fake name and identity. Which famous Saturday Night Live cast members gave him his new name?
Adam Sandler
Phil Hartman
Mike Meyers
Jimmy Fallon
4. Jon Lovitz performs what service on Beldar so he can look more human?
Ears pinning
Nose job
Teeth capping
Hair removal
5. After leaving his job with Sinbad, Beldar gets a new job doing what?
Doing lawn care
Driving a cab
Being a carpenter
Television repair man
6. David Spade plays a annoying assistant that always does what with his boss?
Disagrees with everything
Makes snarky remarks
Complains about everything
Agrees with everything
7. Beldar confuses _____ with chewing gum.
Scotch tape
Rubber bands
8. What is so weird about the way the Coneheads sleep?
They sleep upside down
They sleep with their eyes open
They sleep upright
They sleep underwater
9. Which hilarious Saturday Night Live comedian plays Ronnie, Connie's boyfriend?
Chris Kattan
Rob Schneider
Colin Quinn
Chris Farley
10. When the Coneheads move to the suburbs, Beldar gets a job doing what?
Driver's ed
Baggage handler
Tow truck driver
11. What strange thing do the Coneheads do with food?
They eat it all scalding hot
They eat all of it, including bones
They eat large quantities at once
They smother it with lard
12. Connie and her friends get very excited about a hit song on the radio. What is the song?
Brass In Pocket
Tainted Love
Hit me with your best shot
Call me
13. Prymaat goes to the grocery store and freaks when she sees what item?
14. The Coneheads tell everyone they are from what country?
15. What does Beldar do to Ronnie for trying to hookup with Connie?
Pick him up, an hang him upside down
Throw him across the yard
Rip the roof off his car
Pop his tires with his hands
16. Beldar walks by naked on his way to the shower. What is so strange about Beldar's body?
He has no butt crack
He has nipples on his back
He has a tail
He's hairy like a bear
17. How do Gorman and Eli "trick" their way into the Coneheads' home?
They say they are there for a home inspection
They pretend to be Jehovah's Witnesses
They pretend to be vacuum salesmen
They pretend to be police men
18. Beldar is a excellent at playing ______ and wins a trophy for it.
19. Beldar is forced to kill a vicious beast because he is considered a traitor. What did he do to be considered one?
He didn't conquer Earth
Connie was acting "too human"
Had his teeth capped
He brought back two people with him
20. Who gets left behind on the planet Remulak?

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