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How Well Do You Know: Troop Beverly Hills
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1. Phyllis decides to become a leader of her daughter's ______ troop.
Girl Scout
Frontier Girl
Campfire Girl
Wilderness Girl
2. Phyllis's husband owns a very lucrative business. Who does he play in commercials that is also his store's mascot?
Terry the Tire Guy
The Muffler Man
Donald Duct-Tape
The Muffin Man
3. Freddy accuses Phyllis of never finishing anything she starts and being addicted to _______.
Being liked
4. Talk about irony....What then-young actress, now famous for her show about over privileged teens, plays a girl who makes fun of Phyllis's girls for being rich?
Tori Spelling
Heather Locklear
Jennie Garth
Shannen Doherty
5. What is the name of the elite Wilderness Girls troop that always win everything?
Yellow Tails
Green Thumbs
Red Feathers
Blue Bells
6. Why did Phyllis and her troop leave their designated camp site?
Too much dirt
It rained
No indoor plumbing
7. Phyllis and her troop are staying at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. What famous female 60's icon can be seen running past singing a song she made famous?
Shelley Fabares, singing Johnny Angel
Little Eve, singing Loco Motion
Lesley Gore, singing It's my party
Annette Funicello, singing Tall Paul
8. Velda brags to Phyllis that her Red Feathers stayed all night camping, and NEVER did what?
Complained once
Fell asleep
Used the bathroom
9. What song does Troop Beverly Hills sing whenever their feeling down?
This Land Is Your Land
You Are My Sunshine
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
10. Mean Velda is always threating assistant scout leader Annie. Where does she tell her she'll have to work after she fires her?
Salvation Army
Dollar General
11. Why is Emily so sad and embarrassed all the time?
Her dad is in jail
Her father is unemployed
She is homeless
Her mom left her dad
12. Velda makes Annie spy on Phyllis and her girls. Waht does she use to disguise her camera to take secret pictures of them?
Her beret
A thermos
A book
Her Wilderness Girl vest
13. Troop Beverly Hills joins in the Wilderness Girl craft show. They get laughed off stage for the crafts they made. What do they make?
A backpack that doubles as a closet
A bedazzled canteen
Boots with gem stones
Diamond encrusted sleeping bag and tent
14. Troop Beverly Hills goes to a nursing home to entertain the residents with a dance. What dance do they do?
The Mashed Potato
The Freddy
The Jerk
The Pony
15. Troop Beverly Hills finds a excellent place to sell cookies. Which of these places do they set up shop outside of?
A workout gym
A health food store
A elementary school
A fat camp
16. Freddy tells everyone at the cookie party that he and Phyllis are going through a divorce. What does Phyllis do to embarrass herself?
Falls into a swimming pool
Punches Freddy
Falls into a cake
Rips her dress
17. What chases Troop Beverly Hills out of the woods during the jamboree?
A bear
A opossum
A skunk
18. Velda plays dirty trick on Troop Beverly Hills at the jamboree. What does she do to sabotage them?
Moves Troop Beverly Hills' racing flags
Removes the danger signs
Steals their map
Cuts a rope bridge
19. What kind of dangerous obstacle do Phyllis and her daughter have to cross to save the troop?
A fallen tree
A broken rope bridge
A swamp
A raging river
20. How does Velda get hurt at the jamboree?
Runs into a wasp nest
Steps in a hole
Steps in a bear trap
Falls down a well

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