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How Well Do You Know: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 8
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1. "Pop-Pop: The Final Solution": Where is Cricket doing community service?
a police station
the dog pound
Paddy's Pub
a children's hospital
2. "Pop-Pop: The Final Solution": Dee and Dennis watch old home videos their grandfather recorded. They see a video of themselves, as children, going to summer camp, but are horrified to learn they attended a ________ camp.
weight loss
juvenile detention work
3. "The Gang Recycles Their Trash": Frank and Dee attempt to bribe a city official, but their plan doesn't quite go according to plan. Frank's upset that Dee didn't dress like a "whore", and tries to "sex up" her conservative outfit. Why doesn't this plan work?
Dee has a change of clothes in her bag
the city official is a gay man
the city official never shows up for the meeting
Dee winds up so disheveled that she is mistaken for a homeless woman and is arrested leaving City Hall
4. "The Gang Recycles Their Trash": Frank tries to get the garbage men to continue striking, but is unsuccessful. The men start to riot, though, after seeing ________.
Dee trying to flirt with a member of the union
Cricket, trying to stay warm, burning bags of trash in a parking lot
Dennis, Mac and Charlie throwing trash bags out of a limousine in a poor neighborhood
Frank bribing a businessman
5. "The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre": Dennis crashes the wedding because he wants Maureen to sign legal documents, but he winds up distracted, thanks to _____.
Maureen's boob job
Maureen's fiance, who refuses to let Dennis out of his sight
a missing pen
Maureen's new neck tattoo
6. "The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre": Why WAS everyone at the wedding acting so strangely?
it was all a dream
Frank supplied pot brownies at the buffet table
hallucinogens were given out as wedding favors
Maureen's brother Bill spiked the milk with bath salts
7. "Charlie and Dee Find Love": How do Dee and Charlie meet siblings Trevor and Ruby?
Trevor stops on the side of the road, thinking Dee is a prostitute
Ruby comes into the bar with her friends
Trevor hits Dee's car
Trevor and Ruby's mother is dating Frank
8. "Charlie and Dee Find Love": After discovering the waitress is in the hospital, Charlie admits that he was using Ruby to make the waitress jealous. How does the waitress express her gratitude when Charlie leaves Ruby and visits her in the hospital?
she says she'll reduce the amount of the restraining order
she tells Charlie he's only mildly disgusting
she gives Charlie a hug
she allows Charlie to drive her home from the hospital
9. "The Gang Gets Analyzed": What does Charlie have hiding in his jacket pocket?
a knife
a dead pigeon
an extensive list of everyone who has ever done him wrong
a package of beef jerky
10. "The Gang Gets Analyzed": The gang had all gone to Dee's therapy session to ask the therapist who should be responsible for _______. ________ was deemed the responsible party.
fixing the broken window at Paddy's; Charlie
buying the next round of drinks; Mac
paying for Dee's therapy sessions; Frank
washing dishes from a dinner party; Dee
11. "Charlie's Mom Has Cancer": Mac insists that the "holy trinity" is _______.
sex and drugs and rock & roll
physical strength, quickness and street smarts
vodka, gin and rum
beef and beer and Jesus
12. "Charlie's Mom Has Cancer": Dr. Jinx is not actually a doctor. Who is he?
the gardener at Charlie's mom's church
Charlie's mom's dog walker
a homeless man who hangs out with Cricket
a taxi driver
13. "Frank's Back in Business": Dennis pretends to be businessman Brian LeFevre after finding Phillies tickets in a wallet left in the bar. Dee, posing as Dennis's wife, nearly ruins the charade when she pretends to be ______.
a billionaire
a diabetic
14. "Frank's Back in Business": Mac and Charlie use the shareholders meeting to pitch their business idea. What's their product called?
White Lightning
Sex Panther
Fight Milk
Pigeon Jerky
By way of explanation.....
an alcoholic-based drink for bodyguards
15. "Charlie Rules the World": Who does Dennis have an imaginary conversation with while in a sensory deprivation tank?
the ghost of Barry White
the first girl he kissed
a dolphin
a version of himself (a British hairdresser)
16. "Charlie Rules the World": What gift does Charlie give to a female Techpocalypse player who meets him in person at the bar?
a piece of his earlobe
a box of spiders
a sword
a g-string he bought at a yard sale
17. "The Gang Dines Out": The entire gang is eating at the same restaurant. Mac's dining with Dennis; Charlie's dining with Frank. Why is Dee dining alone?
her blind date stood her up
she's looking to meet a rich suitor who may also be dining there alone
she heard on the radio that the restaurant would be giving away free cheesecake slices
she had a Groupon deal that expired that day
18. "The Gang Dines Out": The gang's fighting ends when _________, thanks to ________.
the waiter falls on top of a bowl of spaghetti; Dee tying his shoelaces together
the police arrive at the restaurant; Dennis having sex with a waitress in the ladies bathroom
the restaurant catches on fire; Charlie sticking a napkin in the candle that's part of the table's centerpiece
a recently engaged couple breaks up in public; Mac hitting on the woman
19. "Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense": Mac truly believes that through evolution, he can create a child with genetic mutations; namely, _______.
the ability to bend metal
the ability to fly
mind control
superhuman speed
20. "Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense": Who is deemed responsible for the damages caused when Frank crashed into Dennis's car?

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