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How Well Do You Know: Leap of Faith
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1. What real-life famous rocker plays one of Jonas's entourage?
David Bowie
Iggy Pop
Alice Cooper
2. How does Jonas gets out of a speeding ticket?
By claiming he knows the officers wife and child
By claiming he knows the chief of police
By claiming he is a undercover cop
By claiming to know the governor
3. Jonas decides to pull his scam on a small Kansas town called Rustwater. What problem is the town plagued with?
Devastation from a tornado
The factories have closed up
A drought
A flood
4. Jonas has a phony ____ which he destroys in public, to attract attention.
$100 bill
Armani suit
5. Jonas does everything he can to impress people enough to come to his tent revival. He makes a bet he can ____ to get a group of teenagers to come.
Shoot a basketball
Sink a pool ball
Hit a home run
Hit the bulls-eye in darts
6. Jonas is having trouble with the local ____ harassing him.
Fire Chief
Code enforcer
7. Jonas has his people collecting intel on the town people's troubles. What problems do they NOT overhear?
A electric fence
A teenager being abused by her mom
A woman who lost her job
A parent looking for a runaway
8. Jonas thanks Jane for all her hard work, by buying her a ___.
Music box
9. Jonas has fallen for Marva. What is wrong with Marva's little brother?
He's blind
He can't walk
He has a mental disability
He's in a wheelchair
10. Why does Marva hate preachers?
One took her parents life savings
She used to be married to one
One told her brother that he didn't have enough faith
One told her brother that God has a reason for his condition
11. Through all of Will's snooping what DIDN'T he know about Jonas?
He's not from the Appalachians
He had multiple arrest
His real name isn't Jonas
His mother had abandoned him
12. Jonas is such a brilliant con man. What does he secretly have his people, place in some of the towns people's personal belongings?
A bible
$20 bills
A cross
A fake gold coin
13. Will takes Jane on a date to see what?
Lightning bugs
14. What stunt does Jonas pull to get more people to attend his church?
He paints tears on the Jesus statue
He has blood flowing down the Jesus statue
He takes Jesus down off the cross
He paints Jesus's eyes open
15. Much to Jonas's surprise, what real life miracle happens at one of his revivals?
A blind woman sees
A deaf man can hear
A lame child walks
A mute begins to talk
16. Why is Jonas so mad about Boyd's walking miracle?
He wasn't in on it
He wanted to make more money off it
Boyd won't perform it again on stage for a bigger crowd
He thinks Boyd and Marva tricked him
17. Boyd comes to Jonas asking for what?
Can he work backstage
To travel with Jonas's group
His cut of the money
If he can perform a miracle on his sister
18. Jonas tells Marva, "Just because someone doesn't show up _______."
Doesn't mean they don't care
Doesn't mean they don't love you
Doesn't mean they don't want you
Doesn't mean they don't want to be with you
19. What does Jonas leave for Jane when he leaves?
A bible
All the money
All his fake watches
His ring
20. What happens at the end of a film?
A beautiful sunset
The wind picks up
A rain storm
All the butterflies take flight

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