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How Well Do You Know: Overboard
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1. Carpenter Dean Proffitt has been called onto a docked yacht and put to work. What's he there to do?
help Grant, the yacht's owner, with his skeet shooting
fix a kitchen table
remodel a closet
be nothing more than "eye candy" for Joanna, the yacht owner's wife
2. Why does spoiled little rich girl Joanna Stayton refuse to pay Dean for the work he's done?
the shoe rack didn't hold all of her shoes
the closet was made of oak, not cedar
the worksmanship was shoddy
she thought the knobs and handles he used on the drawers were "tacky"
3. Joanna talks to her mother about her husband Grant's desire to have a baby. Why does her mother advise against having one?
Joanna's perfect figure will be ruined if she has a baby
full-time nannies are expensive
Joanna's free time will diminish
if Joanna has a baby, she won't be the "baby" any more
4. Joanna can't understand why Grant watches this show incessantly.
This Old House
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
The People's Court
5. What causes Joanna to go onto the yacht's deck late at night?
her wedding ring was still there; she had forgotten to put it on after her manicure
she wants peace and quiet after fighting with Grant
she thought she heard the staff partying on the deck
she wants to look at the stars
6. Joanna, or "Annie" as Dean calls her, refuses to believe that Dean is her husband. What "proof" does Dean offer to the doctor that allows him to leave the hospital with her?
the color of her toenail polish
a scar on the bottom of her foot
a tattoo on her breast
a birthmark on her butt cheek
7. Dean and "Annie"'s youngest child, Joe, seems to think he is....who?
a pirate
Pee-Wee Herman
a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
a master chef
8. Which of the following is not something about Annie's past made up by Dean?
her mother was a lush
she used to be obese
she was in the Navy
Dean is her fourth husband
9. What does Dean give to Annie before he leaves for work the day after she arrived at the house?
a big kiss that makes her uncomfortable
directions to the school so she can drop the boys off
a long list of chores he expects her to do
a bicycle so she can get around town
10. While fighting with Dean over the lack of pictures, Annie has a familiar feeling. What or who does she remember?
her butler's face
a small dog barking at her
the yacht's shoe closet
her ruby earrings
11. How does Annie retaliate after the boys super glue her hands to plates?
she sprays them with a garden hose while everyone is sitting in the living room
she puts super glue on their kitchen chairs
she breaks the plates and uses the pieces to shred their comic books
she smashes the plates over Dean's head
12. The school principal calls Annie and Dean into school because the boys are "playing sick", refusing to take placement tests. Annie gives the principal a piece of her mind when:
she discovers the placement tests given to the children are in Spanish
Dean walks into the room and is passive and non confrontational
the principal suggests she is not really the boys' mother/Dean's wife
she realizes the boys are covered in poison oak
13. Annie overhears Dean and his friend Billy talking about a potential business opportunity they want to pitch - what?
a BBQ restaurant
a miniature golf course
a pool hall
an arcade
14. While giving her opinion on the golf course's theme, Annie is surprised to discover that ______.
she speaks French
she has extensive knowledge of classical music
she can tap dance
she knows sign language
15. Dean claims to be out bowling, but as the boys point out, it's hard to bowl without the bowling ball that's sitting in the corner of the room. Where does Annie find Dean?
working at the fertilizer plant
drinking at the local bar
sleeping with Billy's girlfriend in the back of his truck
playing baseball with his friends
16. Dean tries to tell Annie about her real identity, but balks. What does he tell her instead?
he'd like to take her away for their "anniversary"
his ex-girlfriend is in town and wants to meet Annie
he created a wood sculpture out of a log that looks like her
it's her "birthday"; he's sorry he forgot
17. What do Dean and the boys buy Annie for her "birthday"?
a new wardrobe
a new washing machine
a kitten
a diary
18. Annie finds something in Dean's truck that causes them to fight - what?
an open can of beer
a newspaper with an article/picture of the "mystery woman with amnesia" on the front cover
a diamond ring
ladies' lingerie
By way of explanation.....
the pair of underwear had her initials - J.S. - on them
19. What does Dean give to Annie at the golf course's opening ceremony?
a key to the house
a wedding ring
a locket with a picture of the boys inside
a car
20. Who or what is at Dean's house that causes Annie's memory to return?
a martini glass
her mother
a Pomeranian
21. Grant, Joanna's mother Edith, and her therapist are horrified to see Joanna ______.
wearing blue jeans
not wearing makeup
drinking a beer
cleaning the yacht
By way of explanation.....
and from the bottle! how scandalous!
22. Joanna apologizes to and has a heart-to-heart conversation with her butler Andrew after:
doing shots with the yacht's crew
finding him sitting alone on the deck
she overheard him telling the staff how much nicer she seems post-amnesia
he gives her a pedicure
23. What does Joanna grab after seeing and hearing the Coast Guard ship headed her way?
the wedding ring Dean gave her
her flip-flops
a Doctor Death comic book
the macaroni necklace Joe made for her
24. Annie is ready to jump overboard after Dean does the same, but Andrew won't let her - why not?
she has to put on her life jacket first
he thinks she is making a mistake by leaving Grant
she needs to tell her mother goodbye
he wants her word that he can come work for her one she marries Dean
25. Dean nearly faints when he discovers that Annie didn't exactly give up her life of luxury for him - the money's hers! The boys, however, are thrilled. Dean asks Annie what he could possibly give her that she doesn't already have. What DOES she want?
a low-key wedding
a little girl
a new shoe closet
a photo with her new family

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