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How Well Do You Know: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 7
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1. "Frank's Pretty Woman": Roxy the prostitute keeps insisting that this celebrity is interested in a good time with her.
Donald Trump
Tiger Woods
Elton John
Derek Jeter
By way of explanation.....
"Tiger" turns out to be an impostor
2. "Frank's Pretty Woman": Charlie makes a plan to set Frank up with a woman from a dating site. Charlie will set up a date with the woman, fake an illness, then have Frank, the limo driver, take over as the woman's date. What happens that understandably ends the date entirely?
Frank crashes the car and the woman is ejected from the limousine
Charlie and Frank fight over Roxy the prostitute, scaring the woman away
Charlie pretends to be a pimp and is arrested by the woman, an undercover police officer
Charlie eats blood capsules and vomits all over the woman
3. "The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore": Why do Frank and Mac decide to float in the ocean on a life raft?
they need to work on their tans
stray dogs on the beach were eating their rum ham
Frank hallucinates and swears he sees a mermaid in the water
they want to see how long it takes to float to Bermuda
4. "The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore": Which of the following does NOT happen during the trip?
Dennis has sex under the boardwalk with a drug addict
one of Dee's cornrows gets pulled out of her head on a ride on the boardwalk
Charlie spends the night having fun on the beach with the waitress
Mac and Frank get rescued by an Italian party boat
5. "Frank Reynolds' Little Beauties": Why does Dee take a liking to unenthusiastic child beauty pageant participant Justine, pushing her to win the pageant?
Justine compliments Dee on her gorgeous hair
Justine's mother was a childhood friend of Dee's
Dee hates Justine's sister, also a participant in the pageant
Justine hates Mac, which Dee thinks is super entertaining
6. "Frank Reynolds' Little Beauties": Frank frightens the rest of the gang - and the parents - after he _______.
burns his face and has it wrapped up like a mummy
starts hitting on some of the underage contestants
passes out and hits his head on a table corner
has his makeup done by a mortician
7. "Sweet Dee Gets Audited": Why IS Dee getting audited?
she hasn't filed a tax return since she was 19 years old
she files as "married", even though she has no proof of a husband
she is claiming her surrogate baby as a dependant
her social security number changes on her yearly tax returns
8. "Sweet Dee Gets Audited": How does Dennis make Dee cry convincingly at the fake funeral?
he blows chili powder in her eyes
he sticks a needle in her neck
he reminds her of the time their beloved childhood dog Patches was run over by a school bus
he drops a case of beer on her foot
9. "Frank's Brother": Frank's decades-long fight with his brother Gino stems from the fact they were both in love with the same nightclub singer. What is her name?
By way of explanation.....
It's Sha-dynasty, not Shady-nasty
10. "Frank's Brother": Where does Frank end up hiding after shooting Black Panther Reggie (Shadynasty's former lover)?
By way of explanation.....
Frank does quality control for Gino's cocaine operation
11. "The Storm of the Century": Charlie is shopping for items the gang will need if the storm hits. Dennis isn't much help, however - why?
he's been arrested for fighting with another shopper over a bottle of vodka
he's more interested in trying to hook up with the TV weather-girl doing a report in the store
he's having sex with a customer in a dressing room
he's trying to hitchhike home, as he thinks stocking up on supplies is pointless
12. "The Storm of the Century": Frank shoots a looter in the bar's basement bunker. Who does he shoot?
the waitress
Charlie's mom
13. "Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games": What happens to Frank when he picks the "go to jail" card out of the pile?
he is handcuffed to the bar
he has to sit in the corner with a dunce cap on
he is locked in a dog kennel
he is arrested after Dennis reports him to the police for drug possession
By way of explanation.....
he is allowed out once he eats the ingredients to make a cake - not a cake itself, just the ingredients
14. "Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games": Frank catches Dee and Dennis cheating. What were they doing?
hiding the difficult cards at the bottom of the pile so they'd get the easy ones
using a mirror to see what was on the opponent's cards
counting cards
drinking water instead of alcohol
15. "The Anti-Social Network": Dennis and Charlie file a false police report, claiming that Dennis was _______ by _______.
raped; a man who "shushed" him in a bar
robbed; the owner of the competing bar next door
stalked; a woman whose date request he turned down
carjacked; local "ruffians" who gave Dennis attitude when he asked them to leave the bar
16. "The Anti-Social Network": Mac and Dee meet a woman who is pretending to be Dylan Toback, the "shusher", on Facebook. What is the woman's real name?
17. "The Gang Gets Trapped": Dee, Dennis and Frank are stuck inside a house after sneaking in to steal a vase. After overhearing domestic drama, Frank surmises that the wife is flying to California to _______.
become an actress
work as a Disneyland performer
sleep with Brad Pitt
kill Jay Leno
18. "The Gang Gets Trapped": Mac and Charlie, sitting inside a van parked outside while the rest of the gang is in the house, decide that they should just leave the gang there and _______.
go fly fishing
open a leather shop in Arizona
go to school to become pastry chefs
become cowboys
19. "How Mac Got Fat": Frank wakes up Charlie with another one of his bright ideas. What idea does he have this time?
setting Paddy's on fire to collect the insurance money
flash cooking a gyro by sticking an M-80 inside a lamb
framing Dee for murder so they can get rid of the "pesky broad" who puts a crimp in so many of their plans
buying eggs, dyeing them gold, and selling "eggs from a golden goose" at a premium price
20. "How Mac Got Fat": Mac panics after finding a few grey hairs and dyes his hair black. He seems to think he might be mistaken for ____ with his new hairdo.
Cary Grant
a secret agent
George Clooney
21. "Thunder Gun Express": Which of the following does NOT happen during the rush to the theater?
Dee's shoe gets stuck in a sewer grate before she's hit with raw sewage
Mac steals a motorcycle but can't drive it more than a few feet before falling over
Frank steals a riverboat
Dennis finds a way to get included in President Obama's motorcade
22. "Thunder Gun Express": Most of the gang makes it to the theater with just minutes to spare, but as it turns out, they don't get to watch Thunder Gun Express. Why?
the movie reel breaks, thanks to Mac
Secret Service agents go into the theater and arrest Dennis
an incarcerated Frank calls a bomb threat into the theater
an enraged Dee sets off the fire alarm
23. "The High School Reunion": It is at the reunion that we discover Mac's real name. What is it?
Macintosh Apple
Scotty MacDougall
MacArthur McCarthy
Ronald McDonald
24. "The High School Reunion": Cricket is caught with necklaces and wallets stolen from fellow students at the reunion. It's also discovered that Cricket is _______.
married to Fatty Magoo
missing all of his teeth
covered in ringworm
a drug dealer
25. "The High School Reunion Part 2: The Gang's Revenge": Dennis's plan for revenge against the classmate who slept with his senior prom date hits a snag when _______.
he discovers Mac was the one who slept with her
he hears that the classmate and date married right after high school
the classmate is arrested for securities fraud in the middle of the reunion
the classmate is found dead outside the auditorium
26. "The High School Reunion Part 2: The Gang's Revenge": With all of their revenge plans thwarted in some way, the gang decides to try "Plan B". What is "Plan B"?
calling in a bomb threat
taking drugs and offering some to the rest of the class
performing a dance routine
slashing car tires
By way of explanation.....
they dance to George Michael's "Freedom"

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