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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E16: The Big One
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1. Rory and Lorelai run to the mailbox to see if an acceptance letter from Harvard is there. As it turns out, they won't know for a while - why?
their mailbox is missing
Lorelai receives an emergency call from the inn and they both head over there immediately
mailman Kirk has decided to sort the mail in his bag at that moment, rather than doing it before he delivers them
the mail truck - and presumably all of the letters inside - catches on fire
2. Lorelai, Rory and Lane are having fun teasing Luke about something that's new and different about the diner - what?
the tables are brand new
the menus are new - and laminated
the chairs have been painted in bright colors
Luke and the staff are wearing plaid aprons
3. What item has been taken off the menu, much to the horror of the ladies (who have never once ordered said item)?
the Reuben
the chili cheese fries
the Monte Cristo sandwich
the ambrosia
4. Chilton student Brad Langford is welcomed back to school after a lengthy absence. Where had he been?
performing in "Into the Woods" on Broadway
in an inpatient therapy center, thanks to Paris
stationed overseas with his Navy captain father
performing as a back-up dancer for Britney Spears
By way of explanation.....
Adam Wylie, the actor who plays Brad, played the role of "Jack" in Into the Woods on Broadway.
5. What makes Lorelai realize that Sookie is pregnant?
customers are sending Sookie's horrible-tasting food back to the kitchen, despite her insistence that the food tastes great
Sookie is convinced all of her clothes have shrunk; none of them fit any more
Sookie keeps complaining about the smell of the hand soap in the bathroom (2 rooms away)
Michel keeps finding an exhausted Sookie sleeping on the job
6. What did Jackson do immediately after Sookie tells him she's pregnant?
pulled out a calculator and started crunching numbers
set off fireworks in the back yard
had a panic attack, then fainted
went shopping for a crib
7. Where does Lorelai run into ex-fiance Max?
in the Chilton auditorium
at the mechanic while they are both getting their cars repaired
at the movie theater; he's there with his new girlfriend
at the pharmacy while buying allergy medication
8. Lorelai compares watching house votes on C-Span to:
watching grass grow
listening to Taylor recite town meeting minutes
watching a Men's Wearhouse security camera
attending meetings about the hotel linens
9. Paris and Rory are working on combining their speeches for the bi-centennial speech they will both be giving, when Paris shares the news that _______.
her parents' divorce has been finalized
she had sex with her boyfriend the night before
she is moving and won't be allowed to finish her senior year at Chilton
she is in love and is totally distracted
10. What is Lorelai doing at Chilton when she once again runs into Max?
searching for coffee
rifling through a random student's locker
heading into the bathroom
looking for Max
11. A disheveled Paris has a meltdown during the speech. What causes her meltdown?
Jamie broke up with her only days after sleeping with her
her parents are one again going through with divorce plans
she got a rejection letter from Harvard
she got a C on a test
12. Paris also lets the Chilton audience - as well as the C-SPAN viewers - in on another piece of info:
she's been told she's "amazing" in bed
the location of her body piercing
she has had sex but Rory is a virgin
she is attracted to Max Medina
13. What does Richard have to say about the speech as Paris is being pulled off stage?
Headmaster Charleston should be so embarrassed
the "loose" girl (Paris) is in need of psychological help
Rory was the only good part of the speech
nothing - he fell asleep during it
14. Max realizes he's not quite over Lorelai after:
they kiss
she asks him out, going for a second chance
he ignores a phone call from his current girlfriend
watching her talk to Rory after the speech is over
15. Jackson finally tells Sookie how happy he is about her pregnancy, but not without also telling her _________.
they need to move out of Stars Hollow to be closer to his mother
she needs to get rid of the knives in their kitchen
he hopes she doesn't gain too much weight
he insists on having a "Jackson Jr." if it's a boy

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