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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E15: Face-Off
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1. Taylor's very excited that the high school hockey team has made the semi-finals. The last time they made the semi-finals 43 years ago, it was due to a technicality - the opposing team ________.
got lost and never arrived in Stars Hollow
got food poisoning
was disqualified for having adults playing on the team
had the flu
2. How did Taylor score the winning goal during the last semi-finals appearance 43 years prior?
he hit the puck into the opposing team's net
he tripped over the puck and slid into the net with the puck lodged underneath him
he threw the puck in frustration and it happened to go in the net
the puck ricoched off his head into the net
By way of explanation.....
Luke was joking, but as it turns out, it really happened.
3. How can Emily tell that Lorelai and Rory are trying to leave Friday night dinner early?
they are shoveling down their dinner without talking or taking a break
they try to eat dinner standing up
they ask to skip drinks and small talk and head straight into the dining room
both of them try to fake illness at the same time
4. At the diner the next morning, Jess accidentally finds out that Rory's upset with him? Why IS she upset?
he never called the night before after saying he would
she saw him out having fun with his friends only hours after telling her he couldn't go out with her due to being sick
he forgot their 3-month anniversary
he was paying more attention to other girls in the diner than he was to her
5. Mrs. Kim says that Dave Rygalski is ________; Lane takes that as a sign that Mrs. Kim thinks highly of him.
"a righteous young man who can be trusted around antique furniture"
"an adequate musician"
"quiet, respectful and handsome"
"a nice boy for a non-Korean"
6. What will Lane be doing while the rest of the band is playing Christian music at the antiques store?
praying for a prom date in her bedroom
going on a date with a Korean boy Mrs. Kim set her up with
filling out college applications in the next room
turning the music for Zack and Brian
7. Emily shows up unexpectedly at the Independence Inn under the pretense of needing a DAR meeting scheduled. Why's she really there?
houseguest Trix has banished her from the house
she needs Lorelai's advice about bargain shopping
she's heard a rumor that Lorelai won't be coming to dinner on Friday
the house is being fumigated
8. Lorelai says she needs to find a tape recorder so she can have proof of what Emily just said: ___________
"I'm so proud of you."
"I couldn't be more grateful."
"I couldn't ask for a better daughter."
"Your wish is my command."
9. What does Dave do during his short break from playing hymns at Mrs. Kim's?
he sprints to the hockey game to see Lane
he goes to the store to buy Lane a secret cell phone
he sneaks into Lane's bedroom
he tries talking to Mrs. Kim about his feelings for Lane
10. Kirk is having a difficult time as the hockey game's announcer - why?
he knows nothing about hockey
the sound system isn't working so he has to scream
Babette keeps criticizing his announcing skills
Taylor keeps trying to take over, as he thinks he'd make a better announcer
11. Lane and Rory discover why former classmate Lindsay was acting so coldly towards Rory: ________.
Lindsay is spreading rumors about Rory being mean to her
Jess is cheating on Rory with Lindsay
Lindsay is Dean's new girlfriend
Rory said something years ago that Lindsay thought was rude, and she's never forgiven Rory for it
12. Lorelai drops the slide projector off at the Gilmore house nad knows something is up with Emily. What tips her off?
Emily hugs Lorelai when she walks in the door
Emily only responds to Trix with the statement "as you wish, Mom"
Emily is singing "Love in the Afternoon" and being sweet to Trix
Emily is treating the household staff with respect
13. Emily is gleeful when telling Lorelai that she saw Trix kissing a man in the living room. What about the man is so memorable?
his hair is an unnatural shade of red
he was a foot and a half shorter than Trix
he looked like a Muppet
he was wearing a purple velour jogging suit
14. According to Emily, why is this piece of information about Trix such great news?
it means she has something to use against Trix
it means Trix may move out soon, to be closer to her boyfriend
it means Trix may get married and will be too preoccupied with a wedding to annoy Emily
it will prove to Richard that his mother is human, not the goddess he seems to think she is
15. After the game, Rory tells Dean a story about a young Lindsay. What did Lindsay do for Rory when they were in the 4th grade?
she helped Rory get over her fear of public speaking
she and Rory both wanted a book but there was only one copy in stock, so Lindsay let Rory take it
she bought Rory a magnet on a field trip when Rory didn't have enough money to buy it herself
she helped calm down Rory when she fell off the monkey bars during recess and scraped her leg
By way of explanation.....
the magnet was in the shape of Mark Twain's head!
16. After leaving Jess an angry message on his answering machine, Rory leaves the hockey rink to find Jess there with something for her. What did he get her?
a bouquet of flowers
concert tickets for that night
a book she had been wanting to buy
his leather jacket
17. Trix tells Emily that she kept her boyfriend a secret because she believes one should only marry once, for life. If one's husband dies, the surviving wife should ________ rather than "dishonor his memory".
volunteer to help the less fortunate
build an addition onto the house
help the young find love by playing matchmaker
live a life of celibacy
18. Lorelai talks to Richard about Emily's troubled relationship with Trix, and suggests that Richard cut Emily some slack. Richard responds by laughing - why?
he can't believe Lorelai has the audacity to give him relationship advice
he thinks it's hilarious that a woman of Trix's age has a suitor
he is amused that Emily blurted the news out in front of everyone
he can't believe Trix's boyfriend was really wearing a velour track suit

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