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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E14: Swan Song
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1. Emily can't stop talking about Trix at Friday night dinner. She finds a way to use the Trix talk to segue into what topic?
why Lorelai is still single
whether Rory is still dating Dean
whether the inn is available to host her neverending D.A.R. functions
the fact that Richard is never home any more
2. Rory gets Jess to agree to meet Emily at the next Friday night dinner by:
lending him a book she wasn't finished reading yet
letting him get to "second base"
offering to write his history papers for him
baking him his favorite cookies (oatmeal)
3. What is the working title of Miss Patty's one-woman show?
"The Fabulous Miss P"
"Patty, Patricia and Pat"
"It's Patty, Darling!"
"Buckle Up, I'm Patty!"
4. How does Jess discover that Rory and Dean were spending time together during Miss Patty's show?
he walked by the dance studio and saw them
he sees one of the fliers that's been hung up around Stars Hollow
Luke, who was at the show preview, mentioned seeing them together
he sees a picture taken of them on the front page of the Stars Hollow Gazette
5. Lorelai catches Rory and Jess making out on Luke's couch. What's she doing in Luke's apartment?
trying to redecorate his bathroom
looking for Luke so he can go downstairs and cook her burger just the way she likes it
going to get a travel book he said she could borrow
getting money out of the safe (at his request)
6. What is Luke's system for making sure that making out is ALL Jess and Rory are doing upstairs?
he goes upstairs every 10 minutes to look for something he "forgot" or is missing
he calls the apartment from the diner and goes upstairs if nobody answers the phone
he has video cameras set up in the apartment so he can see what's going on from downstairs
he sends Kirk upstairs every so often to check on them and return back with a report
7. While packing for her overnight trip to NYC, Lorelai tries convincing Rory to:
stay at Emily's overnight rather than having Jess bring her home after dinner
cancel Friday night dinner plans and head to NYC with her and Alex
wait to introduce Jess to Emily until she can be there to mediate
break up with Jess and find a boyfriend who is nicer to her
8. Jess arrives late to dinner, sporting a black eye. Why is Rory upset about this?
he acts as though it's Rory's fault he got the black eye
he is rude to Emily when she inquires how he got the black eye
he refuses to tell her how he got the black eye; she's convinced he got into a fight with Dean
he didn't have the common courtesy to wash the blood off of his face and cover it up with makeup
9. Outside the theater in NYC, Alex reminds Lorelai that she asked him to do something for her - what?
remind her to put her phone away if she's going to call Rory for the wrong reasons
tell her when she's making him the butt of all of her jokes
stop her from calling Emily to check how dinner went
cut her off after 4 drinks
10. Lorelai calls Rory from her hotel room in NYC. Lorelai asks to talk to Emily and thanks her for keeping her cool the night before with Jess. What is Emily's response?
she tells Lorelai that despite his gruff exterior, Jess seems like a nice boy
she is angry at Rory for choosing Jess over the "tall boy" she had been dating
she asks Lorelai to please be present for the next dinner with Jess, so Lorelai can keep the conversation flowing
she berates Lorelai for allowing Rory to be with a "thug" like Jess
11. Mrs. Kim spots Dave in a car with Zack and Brian, and walks over to talk to him. Dave introduces Zack and Brian as ______.
members of a Christian "combo" he plays with
foreign exchange students staying with his family for the semester
his cousins
the owners of the car he is test driving
12. Why has Mrs. Kim walked over to the car to speak to Dave?
she wants to hire him to play at a religious service the following week
she has heard rumors that Lane is interested in music, and wonders if Dave knows anything about that
she wants to know why he never informed her he also played non-Christian music
she feels he should be warned that Lane has a crush on him
13. How does Rory discover that Dean is not responsible for Jess's black eye?
she sees a cell phone video of another student punching Jess in the face
Jess admits to her how he really got the black eye
she goes to Doose's Market and asks Dean, who has no idea how it happened
Babette tells her; she and Morey saw the incident happen right in front of them
14. So, how *did* Jess get the black eye?
he tripped on the sidewalk while walking past Doose's Market
he fell off his skateboard, which hit him in the face
he was attacked by a swan when walking by the docks
he was trying to hit a baseball in gym class and the bat flew out of his hands and smacked him in the eye
15. Luke tells a doubting Jess that if Jess is dating Rory, that means he will be involved with the entire family - mother and grandmother included. What are they doing while having this conversation?
trying to cover up Jess's black eye with foundation and cover-up
looking for a jar of pickles in the diner's storage room
walking back to the diner after unintentionally seeing a preview of Miss Patty's show
sitting in a boat on the lake, waiting to see the swan that "attacked" Jess
16. Jess talks to Rory about the black eye, but still isn't honest with her. How does he say he got it?
he was hit in the eye with a football
he walked into a door
he was elbowed in the face while wrestling in gym class
he tripped over a box in his and Luke's too-tiny apartment
17. Lorelai and Rory eat their take-out in silence after:
Rory yells at Lorelai for forcing her to have dinner alone with Jess and Emily
Rory admits she's thinking about having sex with Jess
Lorelai suggests that Rory should have stayed with Dean
Lorelai questions Rory's judgement for bringing a guy like Jess to meet someone as "proper" as Emily

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