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How Well Do You Know: The World Is Not Enough
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Hello architecture lovers! The movie opens with Bond visiting a bank opposite which building?
The Museo Guggenheim Bilbao
The Museo Prado in Madrid
The Dali Theatre-Museum in Figueres
La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
'Would you like to check my figures?'
'I'm sure they're perfectly well rounded.'
'I'm sure they're perfectly balanced.'
'I'm sure they add up nicely.'
'I bet you shag like a mink.'
What does Bond give to Moneypenny as a souvenir?
An engagement ring
A cigar
He lets her cop a feel
There's an explosion at MI6, M's friend Sir Robert King is killed and Bond pursues a girl who tries to shoot him in a boat. What boat?
The Queen's Royal Yacht
Q's fishing boat
M's personal submersible
Sir Richard Branson's speedboat – he just happened to be passing by
What does Bond do while the boat is submerged to go under the bridge?
Checks his watch
Makes reservations for dinner
Straightens his tie
Smooths down his hair
The chase proceeds from boat to balloon, which explodes leaving Bond to plummet onto the roof of the Millennium Dome. What injury does he suffer?
Sprained ankle
Torn shoulder ligaments
Dislocated collar bone
Broken neck
Who performs the title song for 'The World is Not Enough'?
Alanis Morissette
k.d. lang
MI6 doctor Molly Warmflash clears Bond for active duty in spite of his injury. What does she note in his report?
His exceptional stamina
His astonishing speed
His surprising limberness
His extraordinary aerobic ability
The World Is Not Enough is Desmond Llewellyn's last appearance as Q. What is Q's final piece of advice for Bond?
Never let them see you bleed
Always have an escape plan
Try not to break the equipment this time
Always use a condom
All Bond villains are different from other men. What makes Victor Zokas, aka Renard, different?
He has a bullet in his brain that is slowly killing off his senses
He has a robotic arm that can crush, say, a gun barrel
He has a heart 30% larger than average, giving him great stamina and endurance
He can assemble any piece of furniture sold in IKEA
Assigned to protect King's daughter Elektra, who had previously been kidnapped by Renard, Bond goes skiing with her only to be attacked by henchmen on parahawks. Where did the henchmen get the parahawks?
They made the parahawks themselves by attaching parachutes to snowmobiles
Borrowed them from Russian special forces
Stole them from a local parahawk dealership
Bought them. Just because they're henchmen doesn't mean everything they do is illegal
What gadget of Q's does Bond break out at the casino?
Mini spy camera
X-ray spectacles
Invisible dog leash
Mr Bullion is called Mr Bullion because...
of his gold rings
of his gold necklaces
of his gold gun
of his gold teeth
'What do you do to survive?'
'I never get emotionally involved.'
'Regular exercise... in bed.'
'I kill everyone who tries to kill me.'
'I take pleasure in great beauty.'
Bond casting at its finest, Denise Richards plays Dr. Christmas Jones. What is Dr. Jones' profession?
Nuclear physicist
Marine biologist
Germ warfare specialist
Ex-KGB agent Vladimir Zhukovsky from Goldeneye makes a reappearance in the movie. What post-communist enterprise is he not explicitly involved in?
Caviar factory
'Machinery' smuggling
Underground combat league
'Q's not going to like this.' What has just happened?
Bond has lost his wristwatch
Bond's BMW has been sawn in half
Bond has posted compromising photos of Q on the internet
Bond has been served the '65 Dom Perignon, not the '63
It turns out Elektra is the villain - she was kidnapped by Renard, but turned him in a reverse Stockholm syndrome. What did Elektra do to make her 'escape' from the kidnapping seem more convincing?
shot four of Renard's men
shot herself in the shoulder
cut off her right earlobe
ripped off the top three buttons from her dress. Who's going to ask questions after that?
Elektra captures Bond and puts him in a torture chair that will break his neck. Who comes and rescues him?
Christmas Jones
Mr Bullion
Elektra's evil plan to gain a monopoly of Caucasian oil relies on the nuclear destruction of which city?
How does Elektra die?
Bond shoots her, because he's the hero and she's the villain, duh
M shoots her, because Bond’s the hero and the male hero can’t kill the female villain in a movie
Zhukovsky shoots her, because Bond is busy fighting Renard and rescuing Christmas Jones
Renard shoots her, because he finds out she was playing him for a fool all along
The film's climax takes place aboard a...
And how does Bond kill Renard ?
By choking him
By drowning him in the torpedo tube
By locking him in the torpedo tube and then firing a live torpedo
By using a pressurised hose to deliver a plutonium rod through his chest
What are the last words spoken in the movie?
'Isn't it time you unwrapped your present?'
'I've got something for you inside this stocking.'
'I thought Christmas only comes once a year.'
'What would Christmas be without the turkey?'
Bonus Question: 'The World is not Enough' doesn't get its title from a book by Ian Fleming. Where does it come from?
It's the title of a Bond book not written by Fleming
It's the Bond family motto
It is a phrase from one of Fleming's poems
None. It just sounds Bond-y

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