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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S05E10: Mother's Mercy
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Another total jerkface whose time ended far too soon (maybe).

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1. As he is about to ride for Winterfell, Stannis receives a bit of bad news. What is it?
Almost half the men of Stannis's army have deserted, taking a number of horses with them
Ser Davos is dead
The snow at Winterfell is far too deep to allow passage
The White Walkers are coming
2. Stannis immediately receives a second piece of bad news. What is it?
His wife Selyse hanged herself and is dead
It has been confirmed that Daenerys has dragons
Melisandre is a charlatan
Ramsay Bolton is on his way to the Baratheon camp
3. Stannis receives yet one more piece of bad news. What is it?
Lady Melisandre has abandoned him and was just seen riding out of camp
The Night's Watch has refused to send more men to support Stannis
Sansa Stark is at Winterfell and in danger
The urn containing Shireen's ashes is missing
By way of explanation.....
Why do bad things happen to terrible people?
4. What does Sam Tarly request?
To be released from his vows so he can marry Gilly
To be sent to Oldtown so he can become a Maester
To punish the brothers who attacked him in Jon's absence
To serve as Jon's steward
5. Brienne abandons her vigil over Winterfell and Sansa's well-being because...
Ramsay ambushes her and Podrick
She receives a messenger from Jaime asking her to return to King's Landing
Stannis's army is approaching
White Walkers come up from behind
By way of explanation.....
Naturally, Sansa puts her candle in the window the instant Brienne turns her back.
6. It's really not Stannis's best day. Why will his siege of Winterfell not be going on as planned?
A giant snowdrift is blocking them from proceeding further
Ramsay and his army are already charging
Stannis is needed at Castle Black because the White Walkers have arrived
Winterfell has been burned to the ground
By way of explanation.....
And Stannis is gravely outnumbered
7. Who (presumably) kills Stannis?
8. What are Stannis's last words?
Bolton has women fighting for him?
Go on. Do your duty.
He says nothing, but just sneers at Brienne.
9. After Brienne (presumably) takes Stannis down, who is the next named character to die?
Jon Snow
Myrcella Baratheon
Myranda, Ramsay's girlfriend
Ser Meryn Trant
By way of explanation.....
Welcome back to the world, Theon.
10. With Ramsay's army returned and definite retribution in store for both Theon and Sansa due to Myranda's death, the two of them...
Gather their weapons and prepare to ambush Ramsay in his room
Hide in the Godswood
Jump from a high wall into what they hope is a big snowdrift
Sneak out through a hidden door in the crypt
By way of explanation.....
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are an inspiration for us all.
11. Where does Arya stab Ser Meryn Trant first?
In a very painful private area
In the eye
In the gut
In the neck
By way of explanation.....
And then the other eye, the chest, the gut, the back, and the neck.
12. What is Arya's punishment for taking a life that was not hers to take?
She is blinded
She is expelled from the House of Black and White
She is forced to give up her own face and only use another one from here on out
She is sent away from Braavos and back to King's Landing
13. What is the cause of Myrcella's (presumed) death?
Ellaria poisons her with a kiss of death
She falls overboard and drowns
A snake bites her
Trystane kills her after they set sail
14. Which of the following combinations is headed out in search of Daenerys?
Daario and Ser Jorah
Daario, Ser Jorah and Grey Worm
Daario, Ser Jorah and Tyrion
Daario, Ser Jorah, Missandei and Tyrion
15. Who is now "in charge" of Meereen?
No one - it's anarchy
Ser Jorah
The Sons of the Harpy
16. Drogon has taken Daenerys a long way from Meereen, it seems. Who or what does she encounter in the wilderness where he has decided to rest?
A bunch of guys that look an awful lot like Dothraki
Ser Jorah and Daario
A vision of her father, the Mad King
17. Which of the following does Cersei confess to?
She committed adultery with Lancel Lannister
She committed adultery with Lancel Lannister and her brother Jaime
She committed adultery with numerous men
She was covetous of Margaery's position as queen
18. Previously, the nun repeated the word "confess" over and over again. Now that Cersei has confessed and is doing her walk of atonement, what is the nun's new word of choice?
By way of explanation.....
And she has a bell, too!
19. Once Cersei finally arrives at the castle, Qyburn is ready to assist her. Another surprise guest is waiting for her as well. Who is it?
The Mountain
20. Oh, happy day! Ollie informs Jon Snow that _____________ is waiting for him outside.
Benjen Stark
Bran Stark
Rickon Stark
Sansa Stark
By way of explanation.....
Wait a minute...
21. As Jon Snow's men stab him, what do they say?
"And now your watch has ended."
"For the watch."
"I'm sorry."
By way of explanation.....
And this is the point where you may or may not have sworn off the show. We'll see you again next season! Or not!

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