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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E13: Dear Emily and Richard
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1. What part of Lorelai and Rory's upcoming trip to Europe do Richard and Emily initially think is a joke?
they will be backpacking and staying in hostels
they will not be visiting The Louvre
they are planning on visiting 10 countries in as many days
they are leaving their cell phones at home
2. Lorelai is stressed out because the theme of a guest's retirement party keeps changing. What does Rory bring her that helps to cheer her up?
a picture of her new baby sister
an invitation to Sherry's C-section
her physics test with the A+ at the top
a letter from Paris
3. What item, sent from Emily to Rory and Lorelai, makes Lorelai start thinking back to the time when Rory was conceived/she was newly pregnant?
a baby blanket, found in Emily's attic, that was knitted for Rory's arrival
Europe travel books deemed "appropriate" by Emily
Lorelai's high school yearbook
a prom picture of Christopher and a pregnant Lorelai
4. What is wrong with the class yearbook photo that Paris picked for inclusion in the Franklin?
Rory's eyes are crossed
Rory's missing from the picture
Rory's being tripped by the classmate standing in back of her
Rory's sneezing
5. What makes a teenage Lorelai realize that she might be pregnant?
the smell of her favorite food makes her instantly nauseous
her coming-out dress won't zip up because the dress is too small
Christopher mentions that she looks a little "thick in the middle"
she can't seem to get rid of the "flu" she's had for weeks
6. What causes Luke and Lorelai to get into a slap-fight in the diner?
Luke insinuates to Kirk that Lorelai is now interested in dating him
Lorelai makes fun of the way Luke is dressed for his date
Luke lets his date use her cell phone in the diner
Lorelai makes a derogatory comment towards Jess and Luke hears it
7. Rory shows up at the hospital where Sherry is in labor, and discovers:
she's the only person there with Sherry; none of her friends are there
Sherry has left, as she wants to have a home birth
Christopher is not happy to see Rory and wants her to leave
she's at the wrong hospital
8. What does Lorelai want to know when she and Emily are having Friday night dinner alone?
why Emily doesn't travel with Richard when he goes on his business trips
what Emily does all day when Richard is away on business
why does Emily like serving lamb for dinner as often as she does
if Emily has ever thought about going on a vacation by herself or with her girlfriends
9. Rory calls Lorelai and begs her to come to the hospital. What has Rory so freaked out that she wants her mother there with her?
Sherry's friends have just shown up at the hospital and are giving Rory a hard time
she has been asked to cut the baby's umbilical cord and she really doesn't want to
Sherry is acting crazier than usual, screaming at nurses and demanding a private room
she may be the person going into the delivery room with Sherry
10. What is Rory doing when Lorelai arrives at the hospital?
Xeroxing status reports that Sherry needs faxed
getting Sherry some coffee
frantically calling Christopher to find out whether he'd make it to the hospital on time
speaking to Sherry's friends, letting them know what was happening while they were at work
11. Lorelai thinks back to when she was in labor with Rory. Emily and Richard show up to the hospital, and Emily's furious - why?
Lorelai was at the hospital alone, leaving Emily and Richard a note telling them where she was
Lorelai's labor has caused Emily to miss the DAR function she's been planning for months
Emily has learned that if it is a girl, she will not be named after Emily (as Emily insisted)
Lorelai lied about which hospital she was going to, so Emily and Richard showed up at the wrong hospital
12. What causes Luke and Jess to get into an argument outside the diner?
Jess refuses to be civil to Luke's date
Jess insinuates he's leaving the apartment for an hour so Luke and his date can have some "alone time"
Jess closed up the diner early for the night, assuming Luke would be home later and wouldn't know
Luke runs into the Stars Hollow High School principal on his date, who tells Luke that Jess is failing out of school
13. Looking at baby Georgia with proud daddy Christopher, Lorelai is reminded of _________ while looking at baby Rory through the nursery window 17 years ago.
Christopher saying Lorelai should have had an abortion
telling a nurse how hopeless she felt
Emily not having a nice thing to say about her new granddaughter
Christopher suggesting he and Lorelai get married
14. Lorelai arrives at Emily's house with a gift - what?
a framed picture of Lorelai and baby Rory
a DVD player and musicals on DVD
a bottle of wine and two glasses
a painting that had been hanging in the inn
15. How did Emily discover that teenage Lorelai, with baby Rory, had left the house for good?
she received a call from Mia at the inn, calling for a reference
she saw Lorelai and Rory getting into a taxi
she found a note on the dining room table
Christopher stopped by the house and told her Lorelai had left

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