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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E12: Lorelai Out of Water
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1. What childhood toy is Rory excited to find while cleaning out the garage?
Easy-Bake Oven
2. Lane's bandmate Zack starts hitting on Lorelai and invites her to a gig. What excuse does Lorelai use when she's turning down his invitation?
she's been banned from every club within a 50-mile radius of Stars Hollow
she is giving up seeing live musical performances for Lent
she wants to wait to see them perform when they are famous
she has a medical condition where she can't listen to music
3. In order to make sure their bandmates don't find out they are dating, Lane and Dave make a plan that will throw off Zack and Brian. What is the plan?
have Dave be a jerk to Lane, talking down to her
have Dave talk incessantly about his (fake) long-distance girlfriend
plan it so Zack and Brian "catch" Lane kissing Jess (who is in on the plan)
have Lane get into a fight with Dave about his horrible band leadership
4. What news about prom has Lane so excited?
she asked her mother if she could go, under certain conditions, and Mrs. Kim said "Maybe."
she's been asked to deejay the dance
she found a dress at a second-hand store that her mother likes as well
she was asked to attend by the most popular guy in school
5. Lorelai is embarrassed that she will be going fishing with Alex because she pretended to like what he does. Sookie tells her that thanks to a polite conversation about a t-shirt Jackson was wearing on one of their first dates, Sookie now has a collection of _______, despite not really liking them.
tea kettles
frog figurines
souvenir spoons
antique salt-and-pepper shakers
6. Paris shows up late to a Student Council meeting and tries to make the first order of business:
barring Francie from future meetings, as she is a troublemaker
impeaching Rory for treason and espionage
passing an amendment that makes Paris both President AND Treasurer
calling for daily Student Council meetings for the next month
7. Jess teases Luke about his lack of a love life, after a visit from _______ gets Jess thinking she's interested in Luke.
Babette's sister
Taylor's lawyer
Jess's history teacher
8. Why was Rory late meeting Lorelai at the diner for dinner?
she was at the library, taking out books on fishing
she was out with Jess and lost track of time
she was called to Headmaster Charleston's office for a meeting
she was buying Lorelai a fishing pole at Stars Hollow Sporting Goods
9. After reading that an "appropriate lure" will help catch fish, Lorelai suggests that ________ would be just the thing.
her "Vicious Trollop" lipstick
her fishnet stockings
the sequined top she wore to the Christmas party
her "come hither" eyes
10. Headmaster Charleston threatens to _________ if Rory and Paris cannot get over whatever is causing them to fight publicly and incessantly.
rescind his letters of recommendation to Harvard
expel them from Chilton
call their mothers in for a meeting with him
make Francie the Student Council president
11. Lorelai is disappointed that Luke's fishing lesson includes having her fish in a kiddie pool in her front yard, rather than in a lake. She's happy about one thing, though - what?
the fishing pole he's letting her use is pink
she loves the new fishing attire she bought to wear during the trip
she can go swimming in the kiddie pool after she's done learning to fish
her hair looks amazing
12. What does Alex tell Rory after realizing that Lorelai has probably never been fishing before?
he's cancelling the trip, upset that Lorelai lied to him about her interest in fishing
he made lunch reservations at a spa near the lake
he's never been fishing either
he'll make it up to her on their next date
13. Rory and Lane discuss their love lives while getting a Korean bride ready for her arranged marriage/wedding taking place at the Kim house. Rory lets Lane know that ________.
she misses Dean and wishes she had never broken up with him
she's considering sleeping with Jess
Lane and Dave seem "meant for each other"
it's okay if Lane doesn't like Jess
14. Lane tells Rory a story about one couple who married at the Kim house years ago. The unhappy wife attacked her abusive husband with what item?
a pencil sharpener
a rubber hose
a shoehorn
a carrot peeler
15. Mrs. Kim surprises Lane after the wedding ceremony with the news that:
she's closing the antiques store due to poor business
she's chosen Lane a date for the prom
she knows Lane has feelings for Dave Rygalski
Lane will not be allowed to go to the prom at all
16. What does Rory discover when she arrives home from the wedding ceremony?
a fish swimming in the bathtub
Dean, waiting on the front porch to talk to her
a college acceptance letter
Lorelai sitting on the couch with a broken foot

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