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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E11: I Solemnly Swear
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1. Lorelai and Rory arrive for Friday night dinner just in time to hear the news that:
Trix is temporarily moving in with Richard and Emily
Emily is being sued by a former maid for wrongful termination
Richard is being sent to Oklahoma on business for the next 6 months
the chef burned dinner so Emily needed to order a pizza
2. Why was the maid in question fired by Emily?
she would only speak Portuguese around Emily, but would speak English around everyone else
her fingernails were "ugly" and not manicured
she was a "close talker"
she made too much noise while walking
3. Michel and Lorelai are enjoying watching a show of sorts going on in the inn's kitchen. What's going on?
Sookie and Jackson are fighting over produce
Rune is passed out drunk on the kitchen floor
Sookie has fallen and she can't get up
the kitchen staff has started tests of physical strength, with the loser responsible for cleaning every pot and pan by hand
4. Which of the following is a class that Jackson did NOT take at the local learning center?
how to buy foreclosed real estate
how to write a diary
how to become a wedding photographer
5. Madeline shrieks in horror when Francie mentions something during a student council meeting. What word or words has Madeline so scared?
"blood drive"
"open adoption"
"spider veins"
6. Lorelai and Sookie are scolded by the man running the Learning Center class on how to run an inn after they:
start giggling uncontrollably at the instructor's dirty-sounding name
are caught playing with "cootie catcher" (paper fortune teller) during the lecture
make a huge ruckus by dropping their books on the floor
make fun of the other women in the class
7. Lorelai can't believe she actually uttered the phrase _______ during the Learning Center class.
"I need to get out of here so I can go to my mother's for dinner."
"This class is really interesting."
"I think I should take more Learning Center classes."
"My God, I should have listened to Michel."
8. Sookie runs into a former coworker/old friend while she and Lorelai are on their way out of the class. Her friend, Joe, is at the Learning Center with his business partner Alex, taking a class on ________.
opening a coffee shop
raising dairy cattle
9. Michel mentions to Lorelai that depositions are no big deal, as he has learned in the past. Why was Michel deposed?
his ex-girlfriend was being stalked
his neighbor's loud dog mysteriously disappeared
stolen property was found in his apartment
he refuses to say
10. Sookie's friend Joe stops by the inn so they can visit their mutual friend's restaurant in Hartford. Sookie doesn't know if she can go after all, though - why?
she finds herself attracted to Joe
their friend's restaurant has gotten really bad reviews
Joe has brought his wife along, making Sookie the third wheel
Joe seems to think this is a date
11. Francie corners Paris in the girls' room, showing her pictures of Rory and Francie meeting in secret in the parking garage. Paris isn't angry about that - she knows Francie is trying to manipulate her. What IS Paris angry about?
Rory told Francie that Paris has an embarrassing nickname
Rory told Francie that Paris has a boyfriend
Francie mocked Paris for having parents that are never around
Rory agreed with Francie that Paris is "kind of a bitch" sometimes
12. Where does Paris take out her frustrations on Rory?
choral practice
fencing class
newspaper meeting
the lunch line
13. Emily uses Friday night dinner as an opportunity to:
read the transcript of Lorelai's deposition out loud
scold Rory for not visiting enough
complain about Richard's lack of involvement in hiring a new maid
ask Lorelai whether Christopher and his pregnant girlfriend are still together
14. What makes Jackson think that Sookie cheated on him?
she keeps calling him pet names, killing him with kindness
she has made him a meal for dinner that he knows she hates preparing
he finds a card that says "I'm sorry" in the bouquet of flowers on the dining room table
she has Creedence Clearwater Revival playing on the stereo when he arrives home for dinner
15. Alex from The Learning Center calls Lorelai and asks her on a date. Where does he want to take her on their date?
the theater
a park, so they can have a picnic
various coffee shops to sample their products
a local bakery that serves chocolate covered coffee beans

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