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How Well Do You Know: Commando
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The opening scenes of Commando contain four assassination attempts. Two succeed, one fails and one is a fake. Which attempt is a fake?
Lawson, who is seemingly shot by the garbage collectors as he brings out the trash
Forrestal, who is ostensibly run over by the car he is trying to sell
Matrix, who is supposedly shot by a sniper
Bennett, who is apparently on the fishing trawler when it explodes
This is John Matrix, the hero of the movie, When we first see him, what is he doing?
Carrying a tree on his shoulder
Chopping logs in half with a mighty axe
Crushing rocks with his bare hands
Playing with his daughter
It turns out that Matrix, a highly trained American commando who led all sorts of secret military missions around the world, was born in which country?
East Germany
West Germany
Which former child star plays Matrix's daughter, Jenny?
Alyssa Milano
Tracey Gold
Tina Yothers
Keshia Knight Pulliam
Of the following father-daughter bonding activities, which does not appear in the opening credits?
Sharing ice creams
Martial arts training
Catching a fish
Looking for a new mommy
Why does Matrix think Boy George should change his name to Girl George?
It would be more honest of him
It would cut down on all the confusion
Because George being a boy is redundant
Because it doesn't make sense for a boy to wear a dress
How does Matrix anticipate the attack on his house?
He sees them coming
He hears them coming
He feels them coming
He smells them coming
Which is correct?
'I'll be back, Bennett!'
'I'll be back, Sully!'
'I'll be back, Cooke!'
'I'll be back, Arius!'
How much are they paying Bennett?
Fifty grand
A hundred grand
One million dollars
When Bennett found out the job was to get Matrix, he said he'd do it for nothing
Finish this quote: "You're a funny guy, Sully. I like you."
'We should go out for some beers when all this is over.'
'That's why I'm going to kill you last.'
'Now take me to my daughter.'
'Do you like gladiator movies?'
"Don't disturb my friend. He is dead tired."
Matrix's 'friend' is fast asleep
Matrix's 'friend' is unconscious
Matrix's 'friend' is dead tired from all the... you know
Matrix's 'friend' is, in fact, dead.
What is Matrix's excuse for going to the bathroom before the plane has taken off?
He really needs to go.
He left something back there.
He is airsick.
What excuse? Like some flight attendant is going to stop him?
"Your father appears to be cooperating. You will be back with him soon. Won't that be nice?"
'Not nearly as nice as watching him smash your face in!'
'Not nearly as nice as watching him kick you in the balls!'
'Not nearly as nice as watching him kick your arroz con pollo ass!'
'I hope Daddy will be OK.'
Remember when Matrix told Sully that he'd kill him last?
He was telling the truth
He was telling the truth, but he'll still break Sully's legs so he'll be easier to catch later
He was telling the truth, but Sully shoots himself before he gives any information
He lied
What does Matrix do to Sully?
He lets him go
He lets him go... after breaking both his legs
He lets him go... by dropping him off a cliff
He lets him go... by dropping him into a pit filled with alligators
Matrix fights with Cooke. What doesn't happen?
They are interrupted by room service
The fight crashes into the room next door, where a couple are making love.
Matrix says he eats Green Berets for breakfast
Cooke ends up impaled on a table leg
Matrix is captured by the police while robbing an army surplus store. How does Cindy the stewardess help him escape?
By flirting with the arresting officer and stealing his keys
By causing a distraction involving a hand grenade
By firing a rocket launcher at the police van Matrix is in
By taking a cop hostage and having his life exchanged for Matrix
What does Jenny use to escape the room she is being held prisoner in?
A pocket knife
A doorknob
Her keys
A screwdriver
How do Matrix and Cindy get to the island where Jenny is held prisoner?
By amphibious aircraft
By speedboat
By Army truck
By Porsche
Bill Paxton appears in several Schwarzenegger movies. Which is not one of his roles?
A punk in The Terminator
A car salesman in True Lies
A radar operator in Commando
A security guard in Jingle All the Way
Bennett makes all of these fashion statements, except...
Chain mail vest
Fingerless gloves
Tan leather pants
Matrix kills a lot of people coming out of the potting shed. What was edited from the final cut?
The pitchfork to the chest
The axe lopping off the arm
Matrix picking up the arm and handing it back to its owner
The circular saw blade-cum-frisbee slicing off the top of someone's head
Even though Bennett has puny girl arms and a belly, he takes on Matrix in hand-to-hand combat because...
Matrix has been shot in one arm
Bennett wants to kill Matrix face to face, with a knife
Bennett doesn't think he needs the girl or the gun
All of the above
Matrix has just impaled Bennett on a pipe.
'It was all a pipe dream, Bennett!'
'Pipe down, Bennett!'
'You're all steamed up, Bennett.'
'Let off some steam, Bennett.'
Special Bonus Question: By the end of Commando, how many people has Matrix killed on-screen?

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