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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S05E08: Hardhome
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1. What does Tyrion advise Daenerys to do with Ser Jorah?
Imprison him
Kill him
Remove him from the city
Send him out to prove himself by finding the missing dragon
By way of explanation.....
Let's see what Tyrion can do with a ruler who isn't Joffrey.
2. The angry septa has a favorite word in her vocabulary. What does she repeat over and over and over and over to Cersei?
3. Arya has now transformed into Lanna, a girl who sells...
4. Who is serving as Hand of the King while Cersei is imprisoned?
Grand Maester Pycelle
The High Sparrow
Kevan Lannister
5. What does Qyburn suggest that Cersei should do?
Become a nun
Send word to Tommen to have the High Sparrow executed
Wait for Ser Jaime to return and rescue her
By way of explanation.....
She's probably getting tired of hearing that word.
6. Sansa keeps on learning new things. What does Theon reveal to her?
That Arya is missing and presumed dead
That Cersei has been imprisoned
That her brothers Bran and Rickon are alive
That Theon tried to warn Robb about the Red Wedding
7. Daenerys is a bit surprised to learn about a supporter who has been in her corner for some time. Who is it?
Lady Olenna
8. Banished from Meereen and infected with greyscale, what does Ser Jorah decide to do?
Assassinate Tyrion
Go back to his "owner" and ask to fight at the Great Pit in front of Daenerys
Go back to Westeros and fight for Tommen
Search for Drogon
9. After a brief conversation between Tormund Giantsbane and the Lord of Bones, what happens?
They shake hands and gather the elders for a meeting
Tormund beats the Lord of Bones to death
Tormund and the Lord of Bones insist that Jon Snow leave their land immediately
Tormund pulls off the Lord of Bones mask to reveal a hideous White Walker face
10. Jon Snow hands the Wildling elder Karsi a bag containing...
An ancient scroll describing how to defeat the White Walkers
A dragon's egg
11. Jon Snow gets a new nickname. What is it?
Bastard Beyond the Wall
King Crow
Pretty Boy
Winter's King
12. Dolorous Edd realizes that Hardhome is in trouble when...
The dogs start barking
The giant suddenly runs out of his hut in a panic
The horn blows three times
One of the dragonglass weapons shatters in his hands
13. Who does not survive the battle with the White Walkers?
Dolorous Edd
The Giant (Wun Wun)
The Thenn
Tormund Giantsbane
14. Just when Jon Snow appears to have lost his battle with the White Walker, he realizes that it can be killed with...
His sword of Valyrian steel
A mirror
15. Karsi, the female Wildling elder, stops fighting because...
Jon Snow reminders her that her daughters need her
She gets stuck in a snow drift
The remaining White Walkers in front of her are children.
The White Walkers withdraw from the area
By way of explanation.....
And hesitation is death.

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