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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, Season 5 Recap
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1. "The Wars to Come": As the season opens, Tyrion is traveling:
In a cell
In a covered litter
On foot
In a crate
2. "The Wars to Come": The first Unsullied to be killed by the Sons of the Harpy is killed:
In a brothel
In a market
In a library
In a river
3. "The House of Black and White": When Arya first arrives at the House of Black and White and asks for Jaqen H'gar, she is greeted by a person who appears as:
An bent-over elderly woman
A half-bald woman
Jaqen H'gar
A large black man
4. "The House of Black and White": Whose final vote elects Jon as the new Lord Commander?
Samwell Tarly
Maester Aemon
Alliser Thorne
Jon Snow
5. "High Sparrow": Who is the first person we see attacked by the Sparrows and forced to walk naked through the streets of Kings Landing?
The Master of Coin
The High Septon
Grand Maester Pycelle
An owner of brothels
6. "High Sparrow": Though admonished to do so by Jaqen H'gar, Arya cannot bring herself to throw Needle into the sea along with her other belongings. Where does she hide it?
In a pile of rocks
In a wall
Under her bed
Under a tree
7. "High Sparrow": Jon executes Janos Slint for the latter's refusal to:
Ride for Winterfell
Show mercy to a Wildling
Dig a latrine
Take command of a fort
8. "Sons of the Harpy": How did Shireen contract greyscale?
From a street urchin
From contaminated hay
From a doll
From a witch's spell
9. "Sons of the Harpy": In the first appearance of the Sand Snakes, the three are torturing a man who is:
A merchant
An assassin
A ship's captain
A horse thief
10. "Kill the Boy": Who does Daenerys feed to her dragons?
The confirmed leader of the Sons of the Harpy
One of the leaders of the great families of Mereen
An assassin from Yunkai
Hizdahr zo Loraq
11. "Kill the Boy": Where does Sansa first see Reek?
In the dining hall
Outside her chambers
On the grounds outside a tower
In his kennel cell
12. "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken": A sick person, who suffers every day, is brought to the temple where Arya works. Arya ends the suffering with water from the well. Describe this person.
An elderly man
A young girl
A woman without legs
Someone who looks very much like Arya's brother Robb
13. "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken": Littlefinger volunteers to Cerseit that he take Winterfell with Knights of the Vale. What does he want in turn?
To be named Hand of the King
To safely marry Sansa
To be named Warden of the North
To marry Cersei
14. "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken": In his fight with the Sand Snakes, Bronn gets a cut from a poisoned blade on:
His neck
His arm
His back
His leg
15. "The Gift": When Gilly and Sam visit a dying Aemon, what triggers memories of the Maester's brother?
A book
A map of the Citadel
A quill
A baby's laugh
16. "The Gift": What is the name of the poison Tyene Sand uses to poison Bronn?
The Last Kiss
The Night Flower
The Long Farewell
Viper's Venom
17. "The Gift": What is the gift "The Gift" specifically refers to?
A tract of land
A girl
A man
18. "Hardhome": Upon Cersei's arrest, who assumes control of the Small Council?
Tommen Lannister
Kevan Lannister
Grand Maester Pycelle
19. "Hardhome": Assuming the identity of Lanna the orphan, what does Arya sell on the streets of Braavos?
20. "Hardhome": Within minutes of arriving at Hardhome, Tormund beats someone to death. Who is it?
The Lord of Bones
A Thenn
His own brother
A giant
21. "Hardhome": The evacuation having begun, what is the first signal that the White Walkers are about to attack?
Dogs bark
The earth shakes
The water freezes
Blinding snow falls
22. "The Dance of Dragons": What is the number of Ramsay's band that cripples Stannis's war party?
23. "The Dance of Dragons": Why is Davos not present when Shireen is sacrificed?
He has been banished by Stannis
He has been sent ahead to Winterfell by Stannis
He has been sent back to the Wall by Stannis
He has learned of Stannis's plan for Shireen and fled the camp in protest
24. "Mother's Mercy": Which of the following first *sees* Stannis approaching Winterfell?
25. "Mother's Mercy": In the season finale, many, many, many, many people die. Which of the following is not correct?
Meryn Trant has his throat cut
Queen Selyse lights herself on fire
Myrcella is poisoned
Myranda is thrown from a tower

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