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How Well Do You Know: The Pirates! Band of Misfits
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1. On the royal crest of Queen Victoria is this phrase:
Bugger Off, Pirates
Good Pirates = Dead Pirates
Pirates Be Gone
I Hate Pirates
2. According to the Pirate Captain, the best thing about being a pirate is:
Ham night
Scantly-clad mermaids
3. While the film was released in the States with a subtitle of Band of Misfits, its actual subtitle is Adventures with Scientists. Which historical scientist is at the center of the film?
Charles Darwin
Pierre Curie
Edmond Halley
Sir Isaac Newton
4. Which of the following is not a brigand in contention for the prestigious Pirate of the Year Award?
Peg-Leg Hastings
Black Bellamy
Bronwyn Redd
Cutlass Liz
5. Seeking to puff up his crew's credentials, the Pirate Captain sets off to plunder ships. The first boat he comes across is:
Plague boat
Clergy boat
Zoological expedition boat
Pasta-hauling boat
6. As he walks the plank to certain doom, Darwin's main regret is that he:
Never saw a mermaid
Never rode in an airship
Never had ice cream
Never kissed a girl
7. Darwin recognizes that Polly, the Pirate Captain's "parrot" is:
A condor
A dodo
A great auk
Actually a parrot, though an exceedingly rare one
8. The Pirate Captain and his crew are masters of disguise! They land in London dressed as:
Girl Scouts
A choir
9. Darwin's butler is a/n:
10. So he can sleep, the Pirate Captain has Number Two:
Draw sheep on the wall
Rock the bed
Sing a shanty
Make nautical noises
11. Darwin's butler snatches Polly, beginning a chase that includes most of the crew riding in:
A coffin
A bathtub
A wardrobe
A bed frame
12. The Royal Society science prize is decided by a/n:
Thumb war
Independent panel
Congress of previous winners
Applause meter
13. Darwin shows the Pirate Captain newspaper with this one-word headline:
14. Darwin's butler robs the Pirate Captain after the Pirate Captain reveals he has been hiding Polly:
Under his hat
In his coat
On his ship
Under his beard
15. Getting the Pirate Captain alone, Queen Victoria entices the Pirate Captain with this to hand over Polly:
16. The Pirate Captain is (briefly) presented with Pirate of the Year Award by:
The Pirate Ghost
The Pirate Queen
The Pirate King
Cutlass Liz
17. Revealed to have been pardoned, and thus not be a pirate, the Pirate Captain is stripped of his discount card to:
Jolly Roger's
Walter Raleigh's Rum Emporium
Pillage Village
World of Hooks
18. It is revealed that the Queen primarily wants Polly:
For companionship
For eating
For breeding
For her petting zoo
19. The Queen is more or less defeated by:
Links of sausage
Barrels of vinegar
Casks of wine
Bags of flour
20. When last we see the Queen, she is in danger of:
Being eaten by a sea monster
Being forced to walk the plank
Being eaten by exotic animals
Being burned at the stake

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